Japan makes me sick!

A short while ago I was in Okinawa, staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Absolutely beautiful property, by the way. Unfortunately, while flying there, my pinkie toe went numb. No big deal, right? Well, once I landed, my entire leg went numb/hurt like hell. First thought? DVT. Not good. 

While DVT is usually an economy class problem, and I certainly didn’t fly in economy (rather, I flew ANA First), it’s an obvious concern after a long haul flight. The Ritz-Carlton duty manager was amazing, driving me around to help. I went to a hospital, and was quickly and cheaply seen. They did an ultrasound, and decided it wasn’t DVT. Yay! Still, my leg hurt like hell, and now I always bring compression socks for long haul flights.

Right now, I’m in Tokyo, having travelled from S. Korea (with a quick visit to the DMZ… Pro tip: North Korean wine is not pleasant) and Hong Kong. Almost the moment I landed in Osaka, I started having the “tummy rumbles”. I’m pretty sure I got sick from the Cathay steak. It was amazing, being the only blue steak I’ve ever had in the air. Delicious, but apparently, deadly.

If you know the Osaka area at all, you’ll know that the airport is quite far from the city. To get to the city, it takes about an hour by train. Well, that doesn’t seem long, unless you’re shitting everywhere. In a crowded train. On a crouching Japanese style toilet, that lurches like hell. So, to say the least, I’m pretty sure I’m banned from JR rail…

This has been going on for more than a week now. Finally saw a doctor, who gave me naturopathic crap. Well, surprise surprise, it didn’t work. A little while later I saw a proper Western Doctor (I’m biased against traditional medicine, get over it). Now I’m on a good dose of ciproflaxin, and I’m now on the up and up (instead of the down and out). 


  1. Yes, it sounds like Japan has it in for you.

    I always bring some Lomotil when traveling, in addition to cipro. Lomotil encourages your innards to calm down. It seems to take about half an hour to start working, and a couple of days to stop working.

    I have yet to experience using a squat toilet on a moving train…and hope I never have to 🙂

  2. Well, this post certainly was not “Lost in Translation”—-you were fortunate to be in Japan as your predicament in some other Asian countries would have been far more stressful.

  3. Thanks, but no thanks. Your stomach troubles in great detail will amuse your family when you can laugh about it, but it does not belong here. Your immature ideas told in a cute way were acceptable because of your inexperience in writing, in travel and in life as we rooted for your law career.
    ( i am not writing this because I loved living in Japan, which I did) Check the content and tone of your last few articles. Count me out.

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