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List of every OneWorld flight going to and leaving US/Canada.

This is a list of all international routes that go to and leave US/Canada. This list can be quite helpful when you’re trying to build an award ticket with OneWorld carriers, using BA Avios, or AAdvantage (or other OneWorld frequent flyer programs). All Canadian destinations are in bold.

I have only included flights that go to/leave from US/Canada to Europe/Asia/Africa/Oceania/South America. I have not included Mexico or the Caribbean. I have included flights Canada-US. I have included transborder 5th freedom flights. I have not included US Airways flights (I will do so when the merger is complete with AA). I have not included flights from TAM/LAN subsidiaries.

I developed this list as original content. It was a huge endeavor, and I make mistakes. If you notice something that is out-of-date, is wrong, etc, please contact me

Note that I will update this list periodically. The last time this list was updated was June 30th 2014. 

I will try my best to make this list as complete as possible, but no guarantees.

You can also see a list of all no (or low) YQ flight options with Aeroplan going to/leaving US/Canada.

Air Berlin AB


Chicago ORD ⇄ Berling TXL
Fort Myers RSW ⇄ Dusseldorf DUS
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Dusseldorf DUS
Miami MIA ⇄ Berlin TXL
Miami MIA ⇄ Dusseldorf DUS
New York City JFK ⇄ Berlin TXL
New York City JFK ⇄ Dusseldorf DUS

American Airlines AA


Chicago ORD ⇄ Beijing PEK
Chicago ORD ⇄ Dublin DUB
Chicago ORD ⇄ Dusseldorf DUS
Chicago ORD ⇄ Helsinki HEL
Chicago ORD ⇄ Kitchener/Waterloo YKF
Chicago ORD ⇄ London LHR
Chicago ORD ⇄ Manchester MAN
Chicago ORD ⇄ Montreal YUL
Chicago ORD ⇄ Paris CDG
Chicago ORD ⇄ Rome FCO
Chicago ORD ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Chicago ORD ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Chicago ORD ⇄ Toronto YYZ
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Belize City BZE
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Bogota BOG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Buenos Aires EZE
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Calgary YYC
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Edmonton YEG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Liberia CR LIR
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Lima LIM
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ London LHR
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Madrid MAD
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Montreal YUL
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Panama City PTY
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Paris CDG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Roatan RTB
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ San Salvador SAL
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Seoul ICN
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Toronto YYZ
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Vancouver YVR
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ London LHR
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Manchester MAN
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Rome FCO
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Toronto YYZ
Miami MIA ⇄ Asuncion ASU
Miami MIA ⇄ Barcelona BCE
Miami MIA ⇄ Belize City BZE
Miami MIA ⇄ Belo Horizonte CNF
Miami MIA ⇄ Bogota BOG
Miami MIA ⇄ Brasilia BSB
Miami MIA ⇄ Buenos Aires EZE
Miami MIA ⇄ Cali CLO
Miami MIA ⇄ Caracas CCS
Miami MIA ⇄ Curitiba-Afonso Pena CWB
Miami MIA ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Miami MIA ⇄ Guayaquil GYE
Miami MIA ⇄ La Paz LPB
Miami MIA ⇄ Liberia LIR
Miami MIA ⇄ Lima LIM
Miami MIA ⇄ London LHR
Miami MIA ⇄ Madrid MAD
Miami MIA ⇄ Managua MGA
Miami MIA ⇄ Manaus MAO
Miami MIA ⇄ Maracaibo MAR
Miami MIA ⇄ Medellin-Cordova MDE
Miami MIA ⇄ Milan MXP
Miami MIA ⇄ Montevideo MVD
Miami MIA ⇄ Montreal YUL
Miami MIA ⇄ Panama City PTY
Miami MIA ⇄ Paris CDG
Miami MIA ⇄ Porto Alegre POA
Miami MIA ⇄ Recife REC
Miami MIA ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
Miami MIA ⇄ Roatan RTB
Miami MIA ⇄ Salvador da Bahia SSA
Miami MIA ⇄ San Pedro Sula SAP
Miami MIA ⇄ San Salvador SAL
Miami MIA ⇄ Santa Cruz de la Sierra-Viru Viru VVI
Miami MIA ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL
Miami MIA ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Miami MIA ⇄ Toronto YYZ
New York City JFK ⇄ Barcelona BCE
New York City JFK ⇄ Buenos Aires EZE
New York City JFK ⇄ Dublin DUB
New York City JFK ⇄ London LHR
New York City JFK ⇄ Madrid MAD
New York City JFK ⇄ Manchester MAN
New York City JFK ⇄ Milan MXP
New York City JFK ⇄ Paris CDG
New York City JFK ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
New York City JFK ⇄ Rome FCO
New York City JFK ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
New York City JFK ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
New York City JFK ⇄ Zurich ZRH
New York City LGA ⇄ Montreal YUL
New York City LGA ⇄ Toronto YYZ
Raleigh RDU ⇄ London LHR

British Airways BA


Atlanta ATL ⇄ London LHR
Austin AUS ⇄ London LHR
Baltimore BWI ⇄ London LHR
Boston BOS ⇄ London LHR
Calgary YYC ⇄ London LHR
Chicago ORD ⇄ London LHR
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ London LHR
Denver DEN ⇄ London LHR
Houston IAH ⇄ London LHR
Las Vegas LAS ⇄ London LGW
Las Vegas LAS ⇄ London LHR
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ London LHR
Miami MIA ⇄ London LHR
Montreal YUL ⇄ London LHR
New York City JFK ⇄ London LCY
New York City JFK ⇄ London LHR
Newark EWR ⇄ London LHR
Orlando MCO ⇄ London LGW
Philadelphia PHL ⇄ London LHR
Phoenix PHX ⇄ London LHR
San Diego SAN ⇄ London LHR
San Francisco SFO ⇄ London LHR
Seattle SEA ⇄ London LHR
Toronto YYZ ⇄ London LHR
Vancouver YVR ⇄ London LHR
Washington IAD ⇄ London LHR

Iberia IB


Boston BOS ⇄ Madrid MAD
Chicago ORD ⇄ Madrid MAD
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Madrid MAD
Miami MIA ⇄ Madrid MAD
New York City JFK ⇄ Madrid MAD

Cathay Pacific CX


Chicago ORD ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
New York City JFK ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
New York City JFK ⇄ Vancouver YVR
Newark EWR ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Vancouver YVR ⇄ Hong Kong HKG

Finnair AY


Miami MIA ⇄ Helsinki HEL
New York City JFK ⇄ Helsinki HEL
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Helsinki HEL

Japan Airlines JL


Boston BOS ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Chicago ORD ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Guam GUM ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Nagoya NGO
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Osaka KIX
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Tokyo HND
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Tokyo NRT
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Tokyo NRT
San Diego SAN ⇄ Tokyo NRT
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Tokyo HND
Vancouver YVR ⇄ Tokyo NRT



Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Lima LIM
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL
Miami ⇄ Caracas CCS
Miami ⇄ Guayaquil GYE
Miami ⇄ Punta Cana PUJ
Miami ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL
New York City JFK ⇄ Lima LIM
New York City JFK ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL


tam logo

Miami MIA ⇄ Belem BEL
Miami MIA ⇄ Belo Horizonte-Confins CNF
Miami MIA ⇄ Brasilia BSB
Miami MIA ⇄ Fortaleza FOR
Miami MIA ⇄ Manaus MAO
Miami MIA ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
Miami MIA ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
New York City JFK ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
New York City JFK ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Orlando MCO ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
Orlando MCO ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU

Malaysia Airlines MH


Does not fly to US/Canada

Qantas QF


Dallas/Fort Worth DFW → Brisbane BNE
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Sydney SYD
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Brisbane BNE
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Melbourne MEL
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Nadi NAN*
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Sydney SYD
New York City JFK ⇄ Sydney SYD

*Fiji Airways codeshare. Not bookable on all OneWorld FFPs.

Qatar QR

QR Logo Full Colour Horizontal

Chicago ORD ⇄ Doha DOH
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Doha DOH
Houston IAH ⇄ Doha DOH
Miami MIA ⇄ Doha DOH
Montreal YUL ⇄ Doha DOH
New York City JFK ⇄ Doha DOH
Washington IAD ⇄ Doha DOH

Royal Jordanian RJ


Chicago ORD ⇄ Amman AMM
Detroit DTW ⇄ Amman AMM
Montreal YUL ⇄ Amman AMM
New York City JFK ⇄ Amman AMM

S7 Airlines S7


Does not fly to US/Canada.

SriLankan UL


Does not fly to US/Canada.


  1. Hee hee, you missed the ORD-YKF (Kitchener/Waterloo) on American Eagle 🙂

    Also 4500 Avios one-way, but no pre-clearance in YKF

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