About Me

A new resident to Vancouver, Canada, Avery is obsessed with getting amazing deals and exploring the world. He’s been featured on the BBC, CBC The National, CTV News, and other Canadian and global sources. His legal education informs his perspective. He’s academically published in the field, and founded/operated a nationally-acclaimed specialty travel consultancy.

Contact: avery [at] awarding [dot] ca

This is Avery:

Avery in front of engine at Air Canada's Montreal headquarters
At McGill University, while studying Air and Space Law, Avery visited the Air Canada headquarters at Montreal YUL airport.

Rū (or “Roo” since he jumps like a kangaroo):



What I do:

I share content relating to:

  • Shopping deals
  • Personal finance
  • Loyalty/churning/credit cards
  • Consumer rights
  • Travel industry
  • Personal/political content
  • Pictures of my dog Rū.

House rules:

  • I will source everything. Content creators deserve to be acknowledged.
  • I will report accurately. But I make mistakes. If you find an error, comment and I’ll update content.
  • If I’m promoting a product, I may be doing so with or without financial interest. I will always declare any financial interest.