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List of no YQ (fee) routes for Aeroplan bookings

This is a list of all international routes that go to Central/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania that are available to Aeroplan members for booking low YQ (fee) award tickets going to either Canada or the USA. This list can be quite helpful when you’re trying to build a low YQ Aeroplan award ticket. To learn more about YQ on Aeroplan and tips on how to built a great award ticket, read: How to Avoid Aeroplan Booking Fees.

All Canadian routes (YUL/YYZ/YVR) are bolded. I have posted all routes that are currently operating, or will be operating within the year.

I have not posted anything to Mexico/Carribean. I have only posted flights that are ex. USA and Canada. So, flights operated by say, UA, might operate between point X and Y in Asia. Those flights have not been posted.

I developed this list as original content. This was a huge endeavour, and I make mistakes. If you notice something that is out-of-date, is wrong, etc, please contact me.

Note that I will update this list periodically. The last time this list was updated was July 11th 2014. 

I will try my best to make this list as complete as possible, but no guarantees.

You can also see a list of all the OneWorld flights leaving/going to US/Canada.

Aegean (A3)


Does not fly to Canada or USA

Air China (CA)


Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Beijing PEK
New York City JFK ⇄ Beijing PEK
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Beijing PEK
Vancouver YVR ⇄ Beijing PEK

Air India (AI)


Chicago ORD ⇄ Delhi DEL
New York City JFK ⇄ Delhi DEL
Newark EWR ⇄ Mumbai BOM

Air New Zealand (NZ)


Honolulu HNL ⇄ Auckland AKL
Los Angeles LAX → London LHR
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Auckland AKL
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Palau ROR
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Auckland AKL
Vancouver YVR ⇄ Auckland AKL

Asiana (OZ)*


Chicago ORD ⇄ Seoul ICN
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ Seoul ICN
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Seoul ICN
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Seoul ICN
New York City JFK ⇄ Seoul ICN
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Seoul ICN
Seattle SEA ⇄ Seoul ICN

*This might be a bug. Normally Aeroplan charges YQ on Asiana, but they haven’t been lately for most of their routes.

Avianca (AV)


Chicago ORD ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Fort Lauderdale FLL ⇄ Bogota BOG
Houston IAH ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Houston IAH ⇄ Roatan RTB
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Miami MIA ⇄ Barranquilla BAQ
Miami MIA ⇄ Bogota BOG
Miami MIA ⇄ Cali CLO
Miami MIA ⇄ Cartagena CTG
Miami MIA ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Miami MIA ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Miami MIA ⇄ Lima LIM
Miami MIA ⇄ Managua MGA
Miami MIA ⇄ Medellin MDE
Miami MIA ⇄ Roatan RTB
Miami MIA ⇄ San Pedro de Sula SAP
New York City JFK ⇄ Bogota BOG
New York City JFK ⇄ Cali CLO
New York City JFK ⇄ Cartagena CTG
New York City JFK ⇄ Medellin MDE
New York City JFK ⇄ Pereira PEI
Newark EWR ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Orlando MCO ⇄ Bogota BOG
Orlando MCO ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Orlando MCO ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
San Francisco SFO ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Toronto YYZ ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Bogota BOG
Washington DC IAD ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Washington DC IAD ⇄ La Paz LPB

Brussels Airlines (SN)


New York City JFK ⇄ Brussels BRU
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Brussels BRU

Copa (CM)


Boston BOS ⇄ Panama City PTY
Chicago ORD ⇄ Panama City PTY
Fort Lauderdale FLL ⇄ Panama City PTY
Las Vegas LAS ⇄ Panama City PTY
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Panama City PTY
Miami MIA ⇄ Panama City PTY
Montreal YUL ⇄ Panama City PTY
New York City JFK ⇄ Panama City PTY
Tampa TPA ⇄ Panama City PTY
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Panama City PTY
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Panama City PTY

Croatian (OU)


Does not fly to Canada or USA

Egyptair (MS)


New York City JFK ⇄ Cairo CAI
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Cairo CAI
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Cairo CAI

Ethiopian (ET)


Newark EWR ⇄ Addis Ababa ADD
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Addis Ababa ADD
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Addis Ababa ADD



Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Taipei TPE
New York City JFK ⇄ Taipei TPE
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Taipei TPE
Seattle SEA ⇄ Taipei TPE
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Taipei TPE
Vancouver YVR ⇄ Taipei TPE



Chicago ORD ⇄ Copenhagen CPH
Chicago ORD ⇄ Stockholm ARN
Houston IAH ⇄ Stavanger SVG
Newark EWR ⇄ Copenhagen CPH
Newark EWR ⇄ Oslo OSL
Newark EWR ⇄ Stockholm ARN
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Copenhagen CPH
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Copenhagen CPH

Shenzhen Airways (ZH)


Does not fly to Canada or USA

Singapore (SQ)


Houston IAH ⇄ Moscow DME
Houston IAH ⇄ Singapore SIN
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Singapore SIN
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Tokyo NRT
New York City JFK ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Seoul ICN
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Singapore SIN

South African Airways (SA)


New York City JFK ⇄ Johannesburg JNB
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Johannesburg JNB

Swiss (LX)


Boston BOS ⇄ Zurich ZRH
Chicago ORD ⇄ Zurich ZRH
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Zurich ZRH
Miami MIA ⇄ Zurich ZRH
Montreal YUL ⇄ Zurich ZRH
New York City JFK ⇄ Geneva GVA
New York City JFK ⇄ Zurich ZRH
Newark EWR ⇄ Zurich ZRH
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Zurich ZRH

Turkish (TK)


Chicago ORD ⇄ Istanbul IST
Houston IAH ⇄ Istanbul IST
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Istanbul IST
Montreal YUL ⇄ Istanbul IST
New York City JFK ⇄ Istanbul IST
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Istanbul IST
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Istanbul IST

United (UA)


Chicago ORD ⇄ Amsterdam AMS
Chicago ORD ⇄ Beijing PEK
Chicago ORD ⇄ Belize City BZE
Chicago ORD ⇄ Brussels BRU
Chicago ORD ⇄ Edinburgh EDI
Chicago ORD ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
Chicago ORD ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Chicago ORD ⇄ Liberia CR LIR
Chicago ORD ⇄ London LHR
Chicago ORD ⇄ Munich MUC
Chicago ORD ⇄ Narita NRT
Chicago ORD ⇄ Paris CDG
Chicago ORD ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
Chicago ORD ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Chicago ORD ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Chicago ORD ⇄ Shannon SNN
Chicago ORD ⇄ Singapore SIN
Denver DEN ⇄ Narita NRT
Denver DEN ⇄ Panama City PTY
Guam GUM ⇄ Cairns CNS
Guam GUM ⇄ Fukuoka FUK
Guam GUM ⇄ Hiroshima HIJ
Guam GUM ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Guam GUM ⇄ Manila MNL
Guam GUM ⇄ Nagoya NGO
Guam GUM ⇄ Narita NRT
Guam GUM ⇄ Okayama OKG
Guam GUM ⇄ Osaka KIX
Guam GUM ⇄ Palau ROR
Guam GUM ⇄ Sapporo CTS
Guam GUM ⇄ Sendai SDJ
Honolulu HNL ⇄ Narita NRT
Houston IAH ⇄ Amsterdam AMS
Houston IAH ⇄ Belize City BZE
Houston IAH ⇄ Bogota BOG
Houston IAH ⇄ Buenos Aires EZE
Houston IAH ⇄ Caracas CCS
Houston IAH ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Houston IAH ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
Houston IAH ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Houston IAH ⇄ Lagos LOS
Houston IAH ⇄ Liberia CR LIR
Houston IAH ⇄ London LHR
Houston IAH ⇄ Managua MGA
Houston IAH ⇄ Munich MUC
Houston IAH ⇄ Narita NRT
Houston IAH ⇄ Panama City PTY
Houston IAH ⇄ Quito UIO
Houston IAH ⇄ Rio de Janeiro GIG
Houston IAH ⇄ Roatan RTB
Houston IAH ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
Houston IAH ⇄ San Pedro Sula SAP
Houston IAH ⇄ Santiago de Chile SCL
Houston IAH ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Houston IAH ⇄ Tegucigalpa TGU
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ London LHR
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Melbourne MEL
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Narita NRT
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Los Angeles LAX ⇄ Sydney SYD
Newark EWR ⇄ Amsterdam AMS
Newark EWR ⇄ Barcelona BCN
Newark EWR ⇄ Beijing PEK
Newark EWR ⇄ Belfast BFS
Newark EWR ⇄ Belize City BZE
Newark EWR ⇄ Berlin TXL
Newark EWR ⇄ Birmingham UK BHX
Newark EWR ⇄ Bogota BOG
Newark EWR ⇄ Brussels BRU
Newark EWR ⇄ Delhi DEL
Newark EWR ⇄ Dublin DUB
Newark EWR ⇄ Edinburgh EDI
Newark EWR ⇄ El Salvador SAL
Newark EWR ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
Newark EWR ⇄ Geneva GVA
Newark EWR ⇄ Glasgow GLA
Newark EWR ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Newark EWR ⇄ Hamburg HAM
Newark EWR ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
Newark EWR ⇄ Liberia CR LIR
Newark EWR ⇄ Lisbon LIS
Newark EWR ⇄ London LHR
Newark EWR ⇄ Madrid MAD
Newark EWR ⇄ Manchester MAN
Newark EWR ⇄ Mumbai BOM
Newark EWR ⇄ Munich MUC
Newark EWR ⇄ Narita NRT
Newark EWR ⇄ Oslo OSL
Newark EWR ⇄ Panama City PTY
Newark EWR ⇄ Paris CDG
Newark EWR ⇄ Roatan RTB
Newark EWR ⇄ Rome FCO
Newark EWR ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
Newark EWR ⇄ San Pedro Sula SAP
Newark EWR ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Newark EWR ⇄ Shanghai PVG
Newark EWR ⇄ Shannon SNN
Newark EWR ⇄ Stockholm ARN
Newark EWR ⇄ Stuttgart STR
Newark EWR ⇄ Tel Aviv TLV
Newark EWR ⇄ Zurich ZRH
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Beijing PEK
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Chengdu CTU
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Hong Kong HKG
San Francisco SFO ⇄ London LHR
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Narita HND
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Narita NRT
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Osaka KIX
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Paris CDG
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Seoul ICN
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Shanghai PVG
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Sydney SYD
San Francisco SFO ⇄ Taipei TPE
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Amsterdam AMS
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Bahrain BAH
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Beijing PEK
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Brussels BRU
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Doha DOH
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Dubai DXB
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Dublin DUB
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Frankfurt FRA
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Geneva GVA
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Guatemala City GUA
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Kuwait KWI
Washington DC IAD ⇄ London LHR
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Madrid MAD
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Manchester MAN
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Munich MUC
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Narita NRT
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Paris CDG
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Rome FCO
Washington DC IAD ⇄ San Jose CR SJO
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Sao Paulo GRU
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Singapore SIN
Washington DC IAD ⇄ Zurich ZRH



Chicago ORD ⇄ Warsaw WAW
New York City JFK ⇄ Warsaw WAW
Toronto YYZ ⇄ Warsaw WAW

*Aeroplan charges YQ on LOT, but it’s extremely low.


  1. Good job on the listing

    One note
    I think OZ (Asiana) is only temporarily no-YQ for the moment, until Aeroplan fixes it? because they’ve always charged it

    I’d be happy if they never fix it though

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