Using hotel promotion codes more than once

There are many promotion codes available, and many of them only allow single use. I am not talking about coupons that state one use per customer. I’m talking about coupons that say one use per booking, but the system, for some reason or another, blocks additional uses of it for new bookings (even though the terms and conditions should allow it).

The terms and conditions of this coupon state one use per booking, which indicates that it should be usable after the first use. However, if you try to use it more than once, the website will say something along the lines of ‘hotel is not eligible’ or ‘coupon expired.’

Most websites seem to use two methods to block multiple uses of coupons. First, they mark use in your computer’s temporary history (cookies, cache, etc.). Second, they track your IP address.

First thing to do is to delete your browser’s cookies/cache. If you’re using a mobile site or app, delete them as well. Second, you want to change your computer’s IP address. If you’re on a computer, I suggest using the free Chrome application Hola, which allows you to instantly change your computer’s IP address, and also allows you to select a particular country, which can be useful for geographic restricted coupons. If you’re on a mobile phone, there are similar free applications (for Android, there’s TunnelBear) which changes your phone’s IP address. After doing these two steps, you should be able to reuse a coupon. Usually you don’t need to change your information (name, telephone, etc) as the coupon is applied to the total amount due before the coupon is applied.

Again, I want to stress that you shouldn’t be doing this for coupons where the terms and conditions explicitly state single-use only. It would be a violation of said rules, and you could risk losing your booking. However, for coupons that don’t restrict multiple uses, but the computer tries to restrict multiple use, I don’t see anything wrong with enforcing the company’s terms and conditions for the coupon yourself.

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