Alaska MBNA Mastercard FINALLY back on Great Canadian Rebates (

A year ago, the Alaska MBNA Mastercard, which offers 25,000 Alaska points on sign-up with a $75 annual fee, which I have written extensively about, used to have a $60 rebate with Great Canadian Rebates (GCR). Unfortunately, when MBNA changed their Bank of America system to the new TD system, the Alaska MC was pulled off their rebate list. When folks asked GCR when it will come back on the list for rebates, the response was typically “in a month”… which went on for many, many months.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 8.16.27 AM

FINALLY, the Alaska MBNA MC is back on the GCR rebates list [this is not a referral]! Unfortunately, it’s only a $25 rebate rather than a $60 rebate. You’re still getting 25,000 Alaska points for $50, ($0.002/mile), which is an EXCELLENT deal.


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