Going on a last minute trip to Okinawa!

I’m tired with school, work, and all that stuff, so I’m taking a random trip for three days to Okinawa! I’ll be flying EVA Business there, and ANA First for the return. I’m super excited, but honestly, I don’t know very much about Okinawa. I don’t drive, so that’s a big hamper on my plans.

Anybody been to Okinawa before? Any suggestions?


  1. Hey, new to your blog and I absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing tips for travelling with points and rewards. Just wondering if you have a Facebook page that I can follow ?

  2. spent a week there … sorry to say, didn’t find much to do/see there apart from some decent japanese meals. it’s dominated by the u.s. base, so kind of american.

  3. If you don’t drive it will be a little bit difficult to get to some of the cool sights up north. There is a public bus system, but it is slow. There is plenty to do around Naha(close to airport), and you can utilize the monorail and cabs to get to those places. Check our the Kokusai Dori area and the covered markets for shopping. Shuri castle is accessible by monorail and is worth a trip. Head to the Matsuyama area in the evening and look for Bar Ole,a great place to have a few cold Orion beers. Unless you have a reason to specifically stay on the main island, I highly recommend booking a flight on to one of the outer islands, specifically Miyako-jima or Ishigaki.

  4. My blogging partner Andy, just was reassigned there. I suggest contacting him.


  5. I’m so jealous that you are going to Oki! I was there for a few years (work). It is an interesting place. First, make sure to rent a car. Second, the island is beautiful, but only on the north side of the island. Here are a few amazing things to do:

    1. Aha Falls (really – really cool, off the beaten track). Can’t say enough good things about it. Hopefully it will be warm enough when you go. http://okinawahai.com/tanaga-gumui-aha-falls/
    2. Cape Maeda snorkeling. They have some awesome caves just south of there. It took my almost a year to finally go snorkeling (I used to hate it). I was hooked instantly. No need to dive. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g1120809-d1373616-r155660911-Cape_Maeda_Cape_Maeda_park-Onna_son_Kunigami_gun_Okinawa_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okin.html
    3. Okinawa Aquarium Park. I am not a fan of the aquarium, but the park and the botanical gardens are awesome! They have a free dolphin show. Worth it.
    4. Pizza in the Sky. Touristy and busy, but very pretty views.
    5. Hiking Mt. Katsu – About 4 hours roundtrip (on the way to the Aquarium). Hard to find, but worth it. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1023465-d1373578-Reviews-Mt_Katsuudake-Nago_Okinawa_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okinawa.html There are a few websites telling you about the hike.
    6. I like Zanpa Beach a lot (somewhat close to Kadena Air Base). Also, it is worth a walk around Cape Zanpa – very pretty.
    7. International street in Naha – very touristy – lots of the same shops.
    8. No open container laws. Makes the international street more bearable.
    9. Yoshihachi Sushi in Chatan. Very American, but decent.

    FYI – I am super jealous that you are going to Oki! I’m planning a trip to Asia and debating between Japan/China (which, I have done many many times) or Hong Kong / Thailand. This makes me want to go back to Japan 🙂

    Have fun!

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