Review: Intercontinental Paris-Marceau on NYE

As my attentive readers may have noted, I’ve become an expert on getting free hotel rooms – specifically, through the IHG BRG program. This was my best yet, and on New Year’s Eve!

The InterContinental Paris-Avenue Marceau, the smallest Intercontinental hotel, is located in a former Parisian palace with the interior converted into a 5-star hotel.

The location is excellent, right off the Champs-Élysées with some rooms having views of the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe. Having IHG Ambassador status, I requested and received my guaranteed upgrade, getting the 2nd best room in the hotel, “The Prestige Terrace” – it even has it’s own web page! It typically goes for 450 EUR – 950 EUR.

This picture was taken from the private courtyard terrace, giving an impression both of the large patio and interior layouts. After noting the terrace the 2nd feature that jumps to attention are the enormously high ceilings with renaissance style art.
* Note that’s my father, and my lovely back… the family decided to temporarily take over my room to eat/sleep (!)/drink/etc. *
The ceiling in our room.

Being New Year’s Eve (and frickin’ cold!), we didn’t get to enjoy the patio as much as we might have liked, but it was a beautiful space that would be ideal in warmer seasons.


Finally, the room rate included breakfast, which had both buffet and a la carte options. I ordered the salmon eggs Benedict, which was very buttery… Julia Child would approve!

The only negative aspect might have been the check-in experience. It was slow, and quite stiff. Moreover, the agent asked how I “did it” and then made a remark about how I knew how to “play the game” by getting the best rate guarantee and subsequent upgrade. Oh well, it was otherwise a lovely stay!

P.S. – how was my New Years Eve? I enjoyed a few glasses of Champagne and walked the Champs-Élysées until it got too crowded (and marveling at the extreme levels of security), then fell asleep long before midnight. I know, I’m lame. Get over it.


  1. Only three pictures?

    That’s a real shame about check in though. I stayed at the Radisson Blu Paris property for New Years a few years ago, extremely disappointed with the check in experience (“gold status”)

  2. Quick question and maybe a longer question: Did you request your upgrade before traveling or at the front desk? We are at the IC Paris Le Grand in a couple of days. I am thinking about buying into Amb status. Can you explain a bit more about the perks and if you have found it worth it.

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