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Canada Deals: La Ronde Season Pass (Montréal)

I’m about to move to Montréal for more school (!), and of course, I have to figure something to do over the summer. La Ronde is a Six Flags managed theme park near downtown Montréal. I have fond memories of going there as a kid, and with this deal, I’ll be going all summer long!

A pre-purchased daily ticket normally costs $47.99, and a same-day ticket costs $65.99. Right now there’s a phenomenal deal on a La Ronde season pass: if you purchase at least two passes, you can get a season pass for $51.99, $14 under a same-day pass! The season pass is valid until the end of 2017 for unlimited entries into the park. Your pass can be used for unlimited entry at most Six Flags parks (here’s the list)Further, if you buy before May 22, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Free parking for the duration of your pass;
  • Free upgrade to a Gold pass, meaning you’ll get exclusive ride access rights and special entry, and;
  • A water bottle (wooooo 😉 )

I think this is a phenomenal deal if you live in Montréal, or if you plan on going even once to the park. Further, if you get the season pass, you can also purchase a food pass, which if you go often enough, can be a great deal (I’m not personally buying a food pass because I already eat like a king 😛 ). You can purchase a Season Dining Pass  which entitles you to two meals (lunch/dinner) and a snack every day as many times as you wish during the season. You’re allowed to go every day if you so choose (yuck!). It’s only $91.99, which if you plan at eating at the park more than three or four time, can turn into significant value. 

Anyone jumping on this deal? 


  1. Strange post for someone who has travelled all around the world. You should probably lower your expectations before going.

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