Credit Cards


My US Credit Card Experience as a Canadian

Lately, I’ve been very involved in the US credit card market. Why? Simply put, US credit cards offer better sign-up bonuses, and generally greater returns. However, as a Canadian, it’s substantially harder to get US credit cards, as I don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN). Although an SSN is outside the reach of most people, an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is not. With an ITIN, you can build a US credit report, and easily apply to many, but not all, US credit cards. This article will explore my experience so far.

Free Year of Equifax (Premier) Credit Monitoring

I’ve spoken before about how to get your credit report for free. I’ve also said that you shouldn’t waste your money on online credit monitoring services. However, if you believe that you’ve used a credit card at Home Depot after April 1, 2014 (note: you don’t have to supply any proof, or even a declaration), you’re eligible for one year of free Equifax Premier Credit Monitoring, which allows you to update your credit report and see your consumer disclosure score on a daily basis.