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  1. Hi – this is offer for 75k bonus points only available through your referral? I just checked on the Amex Canada website and currently the Amex Business Platinum card has a welcome bonus of 40k points so not sure what is driving that.

  2. I don’t know. Do you have any evidence or facts to back up the sense of urgency or are you just looking for more referrals? (I counted four links included in the post). Also, the data points for sign-up bonuses have started to show that they are taking longer to receive. When I signed up for the business platinum it took 10 weeks to receive the bonus points after meeting spend. That is long past the chance to cancel and receive a refund on the annual fee. You would get the referral points either way though, right?

    1. Of course it’s always nice to be compensated for your time, therefore I am looking for referrals. That’s the lifeblood of the blog, for which readers get lots of helpful and free information. However, yes, I honestly believe, namely for the AMEX Biz Plat, that there is a real sense of urgency. The 75K bonus was released within the past year, alongside with the AMEX Personal Plat with a 75K bonus. That bonus disappeared, while the AMEX Plat Biz has not. There’s an obvious risk of this bonus being lowered. You also have the risk of once-per-lifetime wording being added to the business terms. Further, we’ve seen an “Americanization” of AMEX Canada lately – US policies have been adopted in Canada, the same IT is starting to be ported over, etc. As of right now, there are very few reports of the once-per-lifetime rule being enforced in Canada, however, if we look to the USA, and the fact that AMEX Canada is starting to use US AMEX IT infrastructures, there’s a very real chance that the once-per-lifetime rule will start being similarly enforced. I also recently spoke with an AMEX MR Canada manager, who did confirm that they are seeking to further once-per-lifetime enforcement.

      I have read the data points of bonus MR taking longer to receive. However, at the 25-day mark (or anytime before the 30 day mark), if you’re nervous as to whether the once-per-lifetime rule is being applied to you, you can simply email AMEX and ask why you haven’t received the points. They’ll either say wait 6-8 weeks, or they’ll deny based on the policy, at which point you can get your refund.

  3. I have the Gold card and am having trouble meeting the spending requirements due to how few locations accept Amex in Quebec (especially now that Costco no longer accepts it). Any recommendations on how to maybe manufacture some spend with the card?

      1. Is this the once-in-a-lifetime thing you are talking about where that bonus, no matter which card you sign up for, can only be applied once in your lifetime? So best to get the biggest one in case they do not allow you to get the bonus more than once?

        1. The once-per-lifetime rule theoretically applies to personal cards. It means if you’ve had the Platinum Personal card before, you may not get the bonus again. This doesn’t apply to business cards. Further, it applies per card type – so if you’ve only ever had the Gold Personal before, you’re good to go for the Platinum Personal.

  4. If my amex platinum has just come up for renewal after 1 yr, can I cancel it and reapply through your referral and get my points, or do I need to wait for 6 months to a year before reapplying?

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