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How To Refund ‘Name Your Own Price’ Priceline Reservation


Priceline's 'Name Your Own Price' ("NYOP") program for hotel reservations can offer some pretty lucrative deals, often with discounts exceeding 50% of the prevailing rate. Sadly, you can be locked into a hotel room that you don't want, and Priceline will do absolutely nothing to refund your reservation. However, there is a way to get a refund if you don't like your hotel...

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Getting what you want with Priceline – Name Your Own Price

Sometimes when you're using Priceline - Name Your Own Price, you play this awful game of "let's try $100... Ok, $101... $102..." It's very long and anxiety inducing. RTC wrote about a trick where you can use a prepaid credit card with a low balance (like $5), and use that for your bidding (you want to keep a small amount of money on it for the preauthorization when you submit your bid).

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How I cancelled a Priceline ‘Name Your Own Price’ hotel reservation for free


Yesterday I made a bid for a Priceline ‘Name Your Own Price’ hotel in San Diego, CA. Unfortunately, I did not get the hotel rate/place that I wanted. I had to figure out a way to get the reservation refunded. Unfortunately, Priceline is pretty darn tough about cancelling Priceline NYOP reservations, and the only (known) exception is death of a family member.

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