I’m Looking for Award Bookers – Apply Within!

UPDATE: THANK YOU! I have received many applications, and I am currently working through them. I am not accepting any more applications at this time.

I currently run an award booking service, Awarding Canada. I will be needing some help over the summer doing award bookings. I am looking for several independent contractors to provide award booking services to Awarding Canada. You will be given a 50% commission for all sales.

If you’re interested in this position, please complete the contact form below.


  1. Hi David – I was inquiring about your opportunity. What kind of experience are you looking for and what type of time is involved? I amnot a travel agent however…

    I work as an HR Manager and travel and travel booking are my hobbies (do this for free for my family :). I do like to travel but there are still a number of places on my bucket list. Places I have traveled to include several countries in Europe as well as Russia. I have also traveled to a long list of major American cities.

    Our biggest point collections come from our credit cards as well as my husbands business travel. A lot of our family travel is done off of the points he accumulates from his work travel. Which requires me to do the leg work.

    We won’t be traveling this summer (very limited) due to our son’s hockey program. Will be home and thought this is something I do for our family any ways, so it might be a good fit.

    Please let me know if there is any other information you require.


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