HURRY! Delta A350 Business Suite 9 Seats Open Low-Level Award!

HURRY! Delta A350 Business Suite 9 Seats Open Low-Level Award!

Delta recently announced their new Delta One concept on the newly-released aircraft, the A350. The seats look very nice, being the only North American carrier to have closing doors on their aircraft. Airlines that have a similar feature include Emirates, Etihad, and Singapore Airlines. Here’s a recent promotional release:


Possible Mistake: Delta Skymiles Showing Near Unlimited Partner Availability (sometimes)

One of my part-time jobs is as an award booker. I was recently working on a file using Delta Skymiles, and was facing a number of oddities on the website. For example, there was a Virgin Atlantic flight that I wanted. It wasn’t appearing on a normal Delta search, nor was it showing as available to the Delta phone agents. However, if I put my browser into incognito mode, logged out of my Skymiles account, and searched initially using the “flexible” search option, that flight showed up, and showed up as bookable (and booked!)

Earn Skymiles (Delta Airlines) by Flying Westjet

Starting January 1, 2014, you can earn Skymiles by flying Westjet. If the ticket is sold by Westjet, you can still credit the miles to Skymiles - the flight doesn't have to be ticketed by Delta (006 ticket stock) to be eligible for mile accrual. However, no matter how your Westjet flight is ticketed, you will not be eligible for either Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM), or for our friends down South, Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQD). You will also not get a Medallion tier bonus for those miles.