Proof of onward travel?

My partner recently traveled on Cathay Pacific from Toronto to Denpasar via Hong Kong on a Canadian passport. At the check-in desk, the agent demanded proof of onward travel from Bali. While we had something booked, all that information was with me and not with him (he was traveling alone). The agent said “you are not traveling today.” At this point it was nighttime where I was, and he couldn’t get a hold of me and was scrambling what to do. This article will explain the requirement for proof of onward travel, and what to do if you encounter a problem with it, and help you avoid being denied boarding.

Canadians eligible for 10-year Chinese visa!

Our American friends recently struck a deal with China for 10-year visas, and just today, it was announced that Canadians will also now be eligible for the 10-year Chinese visa with multiple entries. Applications for the new visa will be accepted starting today. This is spectacular news as it saves multiple visa application fees, and the visa remains valid even if your passport expires during the validity period – you just have to travel with your old passport that carries the still-valid visa. Your passport must be valid for one year prior to the issuance of the visa.

Sunday Reader Question: Credit Cards that Provide Insurance for Aeroplan Tickets

Many credit cards offer travel insurance when the full cost of your ticket is charged to your credit card. However, what if you used points, and only used your credit card for the taxes and fees? Today's Sunday Reader Question is: what credit cards provide travel insurance coverage for Aeroplan tickets?