What Credit Bureau Does Each Bank Check in Canada?

Whenever you apply for a credit product in Canada, the lender will check your credit history from one or both of the two credit bureaus in Canada: TransUnion or Equifax. Since each credit check negatively impacts your credit history, it’s important to know which lender pulls what, helping you “stack” your credit churning appropriately and limiting the damage to any particular credit bureau.

An ‘X’ indicates the bureau used by the creditor. TransUnion is indicated in green, while Equifax is indicated in red. Most creditors only pull one bureau, with the exception of Capital One, who pulls both. A blue tab with a number indicates that the creditor may also pull from that bureau. An explanatory note for any blue and numbered entry is provided after the table.

If you have a different experience than listed, please comment, and I’ll update the table accordingly.

American Express X 1
Bank of Montreal X
CAA Mastercard X
Canadian Tire (CTFS) X
Capital One X X
Citi Canada X
Desjardins X
Chase X
National Bank  X
PC Financial X
Rogers Bank (Rogers/Fido Mastercard) X
Royal Bank of Canada X
Scotiabank X
Tangerine  X
TD Canada Trust  X
TD Bank USA (for Canadian Applicants) X
Vancity X
Wal-Mart Mastercard X

1: American Express occasionally pulls Equifax instead of TransUnion. It appears to apply to people with frequent AMEX history.

2: MBNA may pull Equifax after pulling Transunion if they require more information.

Most of this information was pulled from Red Flag Deals


  1. RBE definitely looks at both! I got a Visa in Feb 2017 and there are inquiries on both of my credit reports. Equifax and TransUnion.

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