Statement on credit card referrals.

Credit card referrals are a hugely contentious issue within the blogosphere. A number of very popular blogs have sacrificed the quality of their content to plug a dozen credit card referral links into every post. Indeed, there is chatter in the frequent flyer world that most blogs are nothing but credit card pushers, and they don’t contribute to the body of knowledge.

This is a very, very new blog. It has received far more attention than I could have ever imagined. For that, I am incredibly grateful. I started this blog for two reasons: (a) I get bored easily, and this would give me something to do, and (b) my partner and friends were sick of hearing me talk travel hacking all the time. I am obsessed… this blog is a [healthier] release.

At the same time, I’m a student. I have debt. I put a lot of time into this blog. Credit card referrals are a fact of life in the blogosphere, as it’s one of the few ways bloggers can be compensated for their huge investment of time and energy into creating content.

I have credit card referral links. I believe I am the only blogger out there who provides a disclosure after every single credit card link as to whether it’s a referral or not. Most bloggers provide a general disclosure, or none at all.

I will only ever advertise the best deals I know, whether it’s a referral or not. If any of my links don’t reflect the best deal out there, please contact me.

All of my content is unique. I have written all the content myself. Whenever I find a trick or deal that somebody else found, and I decide to share it on this blog, I always give credit to that person. When I find something myself, but I later discover somebody posted it before me, I amend the original post to reflect this fact. To my knowledge, I am the only blogger to do that.

No matter how popular or unpopular this blog becomes, I promise to you readers the following: I will always directly disclose any referral links; all deals, whether they’re a referral or not, will reflect the best deals for you that I know about; I will always create unique and original content, and when I have to use content/ideas/finds created by others, I will cite it, and; I will be completely receptive to comments and criticisms concerning my content, and I will change how I create my content accordingly.

As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Kudos to you for staying true and saying it out loud
    I like the “disclore” after each link

    I’m happy to read the contents even though I have all the cards already

    As Canadian (less referral and affiliate links vs USA), I’m sicken by the contents from BoardingArea (too many CC links and Uber promos) where 10+ blogs would say the same thing
    Even the few Canadian blogs on BA sell out the links too 😛

    I totally understand though, as I’ve benefited TONS from AMEX referrals to my surprise, it’s addictive!!! but to blog only to earn $ without real content is just sad

    Keep up the good work

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