I just got Status Matched to China Airlines!

Status matching is the process by which an individual who already has airline status, usually with one of the three major alliances (Star Alliance, OneWorld, and Skyteam), presents that status to another airline, and the other airline provides the passenger with equivalent status in their program.

As a result of studying in the States, I used to be a Delta Gold (Elite Plus) member. I used that status a lot, getting lounge access and preferential seats. Alas, it recently expired.

Before my Delta Gold status expired, I status matched it to Turkish Airlines (Star Alliance), a match which is valid for 2 years.

With the matched Turkish Gold status, I sent an email to Skyteam partner China Airlines and requested a status match to their program. In that email, I sent my formal request, my China Airlines account number, and a scanned copy of my current Turkish Gold card.

I never received a response, so I emailed again. Again, no response, and I gave up. Out of the blue a couple months later, I received an Emerald (Elite Plus) orientation pack, including the card, in the mail. I now have SkyTeam Elite Plus status for a full year!

Don't you loved my editing skills? You can barely tell I blocked out my number! :P
Don’t you love my editing skills? You can barely tell I blocked out my number! πŸ˜›

To apply for a status match, send an email to both ndfp@china-airlines.com and tpeccdfp@china-airlines.com. I sent an email to both, but I don’t know which one worked. Include a copy of your current status card, your China Airlines account number, and a pleasant request πŸ™‚


  1. DCTA, did you include a page of your current FF activity when requesting?

    Also, do you have to credit to the CI program when you want to use the benefits on DL? As I’d like to be able to get economy comfort for cheaper, but still credit my DL flights to AS.

    1. I just used the image of my TK card. Don’t have to credit – put it as your FFP on your PNR before the flight, and at the gate change it to AS.

  2. Hi! I’m interested in your post and have a question about status match.

    Did you only sent the copy of Turkish Airlines gold card? I was told that China Airlines may ask you for your business card in order to process the request.

  3. They also asked for my business card, but I was new to my new company and do not have one. Unfortunately I was only matched to the Gold Status πŸ™

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