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50% Conversion Bonus for RBC Avion to BA Avios Nov 1-Dec 31

A reader (who I met at the Chicago seminars!) sent me an email today telling me that RBC Avion is having a 50% bonus conversion to BA Avios starting November 1 until December 31. Normally you get 1 BA Avios point per RBC Avion point, but during that period, you’ll be getting 1.5 points. Not too shabby!

I don’t typically like the RBC Avion cards, but there was a hidden promotion, which I believe still works today. This promotion gives you the first year free (120$) for the Visa Infinite Avion card, with a 15k Avion (22.5 BA Avios) bonus. If you already have a Visa Infinite card, don’t apply online. Call RBC, tell them you already have a Visa Infinite card and want the Visa Infinite Avion card first year free. I did this and they gave the first year free after applying over the phone. They did not ask that I close my other Infinite card.

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