[DEAL DEAD] Great deal – Orbitz offering $100 off $100 booking

The deal is now dead. I guess they’ve reached their 10,000 use mark. It took around two and half hours for this deal to die – much longer than I expected.

This was one of the best deals of the year, and I hope my readers benefited from it. Until next time!

IT’S LIVE!!!!!!! Super easy, going pretty much exactly how I said it would (except for timing). You are charged tax. GO GO GO. This will not last much longer!

Update 2: It’s past midnight CT, and it’s not working 🙁 DCTA reader Tim comments: “Hey, if you download the Orbitz app and put in the promo code, it says it doesn’t start working until 10:00 CT on December 1. So that’s 11:00 AM ET.” I can’t access the Orbitz app (if you use an iPhone, it’ll say you have to update, even if you just downloaded it), so I can’t confirm. If anyone wants to email me (info@dcta.ca) a screen capture, that’d be much appreciated. Thank you to the number of readers who emailed me screenshots: it looks like 10:00CT is confirmed 🙂

Goodnight everyone, let’s hope 10:00CT brings us good joy!

Update 1: The promotion starts on December 1st, and I’m staying up until 12:00 (CT time, where the Orbitz offices are) to book! I found this image updated on the Visa Checkout page:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.18.24 PMThis leads me to think that once 10,000 codes have been redeemed ($1,000,000), the promotion will be over. I’m not sure, but I feel like that’s the case. If that’s true, I suspect this promo will go pretty fast – it’s an amazing deal!

From December 1-8, Orbitz is having a promotion where you get $100 off a $100 booking. The promo code is ‘VISACHECKOUT’ and it will take $100 off a $100+ booking, before taxes. You cannot stay at most chain hotels for this promotion. You will be charged the full tax on the $100 booking, so even if your night is exactly $100, expect to still pay ~$15.

In order to use the coupon, you must select Visa Checkout as your payment method. Visa Checkout is an email type payment system, and you can gain access by using any Visa card.

The promotion rules state that you’re only allowed to use this promotion code once per account. I don’t know if it’s once per Orbitz account (it which case, just make a number of different Orbitz accounts), or once per Visa Checkout account. I’ve used Visa Checkout before on Orbitz (for another promotion), and that one didn’t seem to track my Visa Checkout account, and I could use it ad infinitum, so long as the booking was made on a new Orbitz account.

I learned about this deal from MillionMileSecrets. I disagree with some of their analysis, relating mostly to “$100 including tax” and being able to get a free booking. Orbitz will charge tax on the $100, even if discounted with the coupon.

Here are the coupon rules:

Offer is valid for a limited time only and is only available when displayed on www.orbitz.com. Available on desktop, mobile web, and on Orbitz mobile apps that include Visa Checkout as a payment option. Book a qualifying standalone, pre-paid hotel for $100 or more for a stay occurring between December 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 via Orbitz using Visa Checkout as the payment method and promo code VISACHECKOUT, and receive $100 off your booking. Most major chains are excluded; to find participating hotels look for the “PROMO CODE ELIGIBLE” message on Orbitz.com hotel listings. You must enter your promotion code prior to completing your booking to receive the savings; promotion codes cannot be applied to bookings previously made. Limit one discount per hotel room and one promotion code per booking. Discounts are not redeemable for cash for any reason. Promotion codes are non-transferable, not for resale, and cannot be combined with other offers. Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Orbitz reserves the right to change or limit the promotion in its sole discretion.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Though unlike the demo on the MMS website, I cannot preview any hotels that are ‘promocode eligible’. I thought maybe it’s because I show as in Canada but torch doesn’t work either.

    Perhaps it’s only viewable on CyberMonday.

    Have you had any luck yourself?

    1. (1) The promo code only becomes available for use starting December 1.
      (2) You can see which hotels will be available for use by using a currently valid coupon. ‘TRAVELHAPPY’ will apply to the same hotels that the promo code on December 1st will apply for.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hey, if you download the Orbitz app and put in the promo code, it says it doesn’t start working until 10:00 CT on December 1. So that’s 11:00 AM ET.

  3. A general email was sent out to all Orbitz members a few minutes ago. Expect it to go even faster, we’ve had a head start

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I found that Orbitz often had worse prices than its competitors, but $100 off is huge. I hope my hotel in Portland doesn’t mind that I made 3 consecutive 1-night bookings!

  5. Interesting, I don’t know why I brushed off this deal (thinking it would exclude chain hotels and etc…) when I saw it

    Good thing I tried it this morning when I saw FT people jumping in (I missed the RFD thread too, strange). At least I got 9 nights in Turkey ($20-$30/night) and 1 in Toronto out of it ($15)

    Could’ve done better if I aimed for ~$100/night hotels, but didn’t want to miss out while booking

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