30% off AirBnB rental (min $100 booking)

AirBnB, in partnership with Travel Zoo Canada, are offering 30% off bookings. This is a significant discount for AirBnB, and is stackable with the $29 sign-up bonus on referral (this is a referral). I’ve used AirBnB before, and really enjoy both the value and comfort that it provides. You can often get a full apartment in the downtown core of a city for far cheaper than a similarly located hotel.

Use promo code TRAVELZOO14. You enter the promo code after you “Request to Book” or “Instant Book” a rental unit.

Your booking has to be a minimum of $100, and the discount cannot take more than $150 off (not including the $29 sign-up bonus, which is stackable with this offer).

You can travel whenever, but you have to book by January 14th, 2015, to get this promotion. You must have a new Canadian AirBnB account.

Many thanks to Canadian Travel Hacking for pointing this deal out!


  1. I’ve tried some tests, and it appears to only take a maximum of $153 off the booking.


    Initial total price – $1765, with $29 credit applied (which makes the total $1794)

    Applied the Travelzoo code…

    Total price changes to $1641, for a $153 difference.

    So I’m not sure it’s really stackable with the credit. I haven’t seen a way to get $179 off.

  2. Thanks for the post. I just saved some lodging $$$ for my upcoming trip to Cape Town (flying with Etihad’s mistake fare from the Dec 25 sale!)

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