Great year, better year to come (joining Boarding Area!)

I started DCTA this past summer, while undertaking full time law school. It has gone through a number of layouts and content themes. I started from nothing, and am now a fairly popular Canadian website. I put a lot of work into this website, and I constantly get messages from readers who thank me for helping them take their long-overdo honeymoon, their first family vacation, or to experience products they could never otherwise afford. I get a lot of joy helping others experience the freedom of travel that I am so lucky to have, and this website is a great tool for me to develop my communication skills.

With all this work, I am excited to announce that in the New Year, DCTA will be joining Boarding Area (, a network of creative and diverse points & miles blogs.

By joining Boarding Area, there will be a number of benefits. First, I will have the support of the Boarding Area team, which will help me focus on producing content. I will be exposed to new ways of thinking, writing, and to new tricks and tips that I can share. Second, I will have substantially more exposure. By having more exposure, I will feel compelled to write more frequently, sharing more tips and tricks.

What does this change mean for you, the reader? Boarding Area does not editorialize my content, so I will continue to enjoy the freedom of writing whatever I please, as I have always done. I plan on doing some slight work on monetizing my content (I put in a lot of time for this!), but I will continue on my clear disclosure beside every link. I will only recommend credit cards or deals that are good for you, not just good for me.

In general, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you really won’t notice much of a change, except I will be writing more. I think this change will be excellent for both my readers and for my professional development.

Thank you for the amazing year, and I hope I can continue to help you travel in luxury for as cheaply as possible.


  1. It’s only fair that more Canadian blogs join BA… I’m happy for you… and hope to see even more Canadian oriented tips on this great blog.

    Keep up the good work. I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, planning to move permanently to Canada next year, and I love your blog.

  2. Congrats on joining BA, hope to see you stay original/unique, Canadian, and transparent

    There are many BA/F2B blogs that don’t really provide anything useful, besides posting what everybody else posts 🙂

  3. Finally a real Canadian blog on BA. Jeff was running out of ideas with what to write so it will be good to read some new content instead of just CC links!

  4. Excellent news! To echo what others have said, it’s great to see more Canadian FF websites recognized, especially from all the hard work you’ve put in

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