[DEAD] HURRY GREAT DEAL: BMO World Elite, 3-Years Free, $400 Travel Credit! AMAZING DEAL!

A wonderful reader emailed me about this deal – THANK YOU!

There have no been a number of posts on RedFlagDeals that state folks have spoken with BMO reps who have said that they will be getting 3 years free and the travel credits… it is looking good!

The application link has been taken down. THIS DEAL IS DEAD. Now let’s see if they honour…

Update: RedFlagDeals member crwong stated that you can donate to the Grand Cru to become an official supporter. This allows you to (a) say you are an official supporter if BMO tries to reneg, and (b) you’re doing a good deed! Can donate just $1.00.

BMO is currently offering the BMO World Elite Mastercard [this is not a referral] for the first three years free (after that it is $150/year). You will also get 40,000 BMO points, which convert directly into $400 cash. Further, this is actually a pretty good day-to-day card, with good insurance benefits, some lounge access, and 2% cash-back return on purchases. If approved, BMO will also make a $400 donation to the Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival and to the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.

This card is meant for Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival supporters.

Note some important things in the terms and conditions:

(1) “Applications must be received between March 19, 2014 and March 19, 2017” I believe this promotion will end very quickly and way before that deadline, so act fast.

(2) “BMO Rewards points that are awarded as a welcome bonus are only available to first time new BMO World Elite MasterCard cardholders and will not be awarded to current or former BMO World Elite MasterCard/BMO Rewards World Elite MasterCard cardholders who reinstate a closed account or subsequently open a new account.” If you’ve had this card before, you will not get the $400 in points. However, with the three years free, it might actually be worthwhile getting this card even if you don’t qualify for the bonus, as it’s a pretty good card for day-to-day use!

FAQ for the Deal: 

How does the lounge access work?
You will get a priority pass card, with four electronic vouchers loaded onto it. Every time the card is swiped, a voucher is used. You must use a voucher per person entering the lounge, i.e. if you and a guest go in for one day, two vouchers will be used. After you’ve used your vouchers, you will be charged $27USD per swipe.

How do the points work?

You can use the BMO points through the BMO reward portal. You can redeem for travel, merchandise, etc. For travel, their prices are sometimes higher than other distributors, however, BMO is happy to price-match over the phone.

Can I use this at Costco?

Yes. You can use any Mastercard branded credit card at Costco.

Will this be honoured?

I do not know. The terms and conditions are fairly ambiguous, and there is no generally defined term for what a supporter is. Nonetheless, I would recommend capturing the terms and conditions for your own records, and donating to the Grand Cru (as noted above) in order to better secure yourself. Note that this was obviously not intended for general distribution. However, it is on the BMO website, and is searchable using Google.


  1. It was in the flyertalk mile buzz Canada thread

    I own this card, and hate how they punish current cardholders, sigh

    1. Although it would be against the spirit of this site, it does say on the BMO page that if you already have the World Elite card, you can call them to upgrade to this version.

  2. Thanks for tip about becoming a supporter- hadn’t found a place to donate earlier. Got my application in before webpage was pulled, i know they have done the credit pull, so now will wait and see.

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