BMO Honouring 40K Credit Card Offer

In early December, I posted about a promotion for the BMO World Elite MasterCard, where BMO would give 3-years fee-free, $400 travel credit (40k points), and donate $400 to the Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival (for the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation). This promotion was targeted for high-end donors to the festival, but BMO made the sign-up link public.

It looks like BMO is honouring this promotion, even though some people were told that they wouldn’t. Although I don’t know whether the $400 donation to the festival is being honoured, we know that the $400 travel credit and 3-years free is. Folks have already started to get that credit deposited, and have confirmed with BMO agents about the 3-years free.

This promotion gives you $1584 of value: $150 Annual Fee for 3 years ($450) + Sign-up bonus ($400) + Priority Pass Membership for 3 years ($351CAD) + 4 Lounge Passes per year ($383CAD)

It’s an excellent card, and with 3-years free, is a great deal. BMO did a good job honouring this promotion, however, they could have been more communicative. I would love to know whether they’re also honouring the donation to the festival.



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