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WestJet Status Matching until January 31st

This deal has been going on for awhile, but as the January 31st deadline is fast approaching, and Air Canada status is expiring, it makes sense to apply for the WestJet status match program.

If you have Air Canada 25K or above, you can submit a copy of your Altitude card or a January 2015 boarding pass that reflects your status. Send this, along with your first and last name and your WestJet ID to statusmatch@westjet.com. If approved, you will have WestJet Gold status until February 29, 2016.

With WestJet Gold status, you’ll get: (1) free same-day change; (2) priority boarding; (3) priority security lines; (4) two free checked bags; (5) four vouchers for complimentary advanced seat selection (this could be very handy for transcontinental or the few international flights that WestJet operates!), and; (6) ten lounge coupons (only valid when flying WestJet).  WestJet doesn’t offer a business class product, so they can’t offer complimentary upgrades.

After emailing them, my account updated with the WestJet Gold status within a week. To use your Advanced Seat Selection or Lounge vouchers, you have to login to your account and print them from the “Vouchers” tab in the “Rewards” section.

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As this is a simple and free program, I would recommend applying for the status match, even if you don’t plan on flying WestJet in the future – you never know if an amazing deal pops up, if your ticket is exchanged to WestJet, or if you can use your WestJet status to apply for a status match offer from another airline 😉

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