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Some Travel Agent Lingo

If you’re ever looking at fare rules, travel agent forums (who’d be looking at those for fun!?), or out of pure interest, knowing some travel agency lingo can be helpful. Note that I’m not a licensed travel agent, rather, just did some research on some words/phrases that I’ve encountered. If you have any requests, put them in the comments and I’ll do my best. Right now the list is rather short, but as I encounter words/phrases, I’ll put them here – a handy-dandy reference guide!

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Good Deals – Toronto YYZ/Montreal YUL – Nice NCE, Bordeaux BOD, Toulouse TLS, Lyon LYS, Marseille MRS

There are some good deals out of Toronto and Montreal…

Toronto YYZ – Nice NCE on Turkish Airlines for $517USD

This fare is available late March and all of April. You have to have a long layover in Istanbul, however, you may qualify for a free hotel in Istanbul from Turkish Airlines. From what I’ve heard they’re nice hotels, and Istanbul is a GREAT city to have a full day in!

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Good Deal – $38CAD off 4-star hotel, no minimum on Hot Wire Hot Rate

Thank you Michael_V on Flyertalk for pointing this out!

Hot Wire is having a promotion until March 2, 2015 (though these types of deals usually end early), where they’re automatically discounting $38CAD off a 4-star reservation or higher, including tax. There are no minimums, that is, you can book single nights to maximize the discount. This discount only applies to their “Hot Rates,” which are opaque booking. This means that you do not know the exact hotel you’re getting prior to booking. However, with a little bit of digging, it’s not too hard to figure out what hotel you’d be staying at.

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