(Small) Aeroplan Pricing Glitch with Premium Economy

A reader sent me an email about a glitch he’s been having searching for flights on Aeroplan (and I got his permission to post about it). It seems that if there’s a Premium Economy segment on one end, and a Business segment on the other, the entire itinerary prices as a Premium Economy redemption. Now, there’s not a whole lot of benefit out of this, although if there’s an affected routing that you were considering booking anyways, this can save you points.

Under a normal award construction, the entire round-trip itinerary would price out at the rate for the highest cabin booked (here, it’d be business). In the below example, that’s a savings of 25,000 points. Note that the email I receive had business on BOTH the outbound and inbound, with Premium Economy on the return, however, I couldn’t replicate it.

It’s a little challenging to replicate. There has to be an Air Canada Premium Economy leg on either the inbound or outbound. There can also be a business class flight with it. The other has to include a business class flight.

Considering this glitch exists, it’s wholly possible that something more exciting is lurking out there!

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 1.14.47 PM


  1. Agree something strange going on, Aero plan has removed all of their first class flights and significant reduced flights available. Was monitoring some first class flights which were available and all of a sudden they were removed

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