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Sunday Reader Question: How many AMEX cards can I apply for in one day?

American Express offers some excellent churning cards, such as the 25,000 no-fee AMEX Gold Card [this is a referral], and the 60,000 AMEX Platinum card [this is a referral]. Many people will go on an “app-orama,” applying for a bunch of cards, including numerous AMEX cards, in a single day. There’s nothing wrong with this. Indeed, you can apply for as many AMEX cards you want in a single day, however, you won’t be instantly approved for all of them.

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Trip Report: Tasmania!


I don’t normally post trip reports about my actual travel, because this is a blog dedicated to flights and hotels. However, my recent trip to Tasmania was absolutely amazing, and it’s a place most people don’t even have on their travel list.

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Announcing: Awarding Canada (

I’m delighted to announce my new venture: Awarding Canada ( I have extensive award booking experience, and am offering an extremely competitive rate of $100CAD per person for the first two passengers, and $50 per passenger thereafter. I have paid booking experience with over 20 different award programs, and know some tricks that aren’t publically available. I can save you the time and hassle required to search and book an award, and can save you points and money on the taxes and fees. Awarding Canada is not just for Canadians, and my skills are applicable to frequent flyer programs around the world.

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