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1-Year Anniversary

Today marks the one-year anniversary since I started DCTA. I started this blog while studying at a castle in rural England, partially out of boredom, and otherwise to stop answering annoying questions from friends and family (it didn’t work!). I never would have guessed how quickly and how substantially I have succeeded. It took me about six months to join Boarding Area, arguably the largest network of bloggers in this field. Further, I have received coverage on national news, and have transformed points and miles into a full-time company for the summer.

DCTA has opened up countless opportunities for me, and despite the rather harsh “critics” out there, I am extremely proud of my work. Obviously none of this could have happened weren’t it for the guidance and support of friends and family, and most importantly, the loyalty and support of my readers. To that end, I want to express my gratitude to all my readers, new and old, who have helped contribute to the product I offer today, and I am excited to start a new year with you.

Thank you.


The original DCTA
The original DCTA


  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary! Looking forward to another great year of interesting and helpful posts!

  2. Hard to believe it has only been one year! Congratulations on keeping it up, and on the difference you have made for so many people. Don’t ignore the detractors – they sometimes have something worth hearing – but don’t take the negativity for the sake of negativity to heart. You have good reason to be proud of what you have achieved here.

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