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Champagne makes you a better person

One of my favourite hobbies is to read random academic articles (besides being a travel nerd, I’m a nerd in many other aspects!). Tonight, I came across a rather intriguing headline: Phenolic acid intake, delivered via moderate champagne wine consumption, improves spatial working memory via the modulation of hippocampal and cortical protein expression/activation. 

I’m not a scientist. I have some training on reading academic writing, but not too much on scientific research. Yes, I understand that this was conducted on rodents, and not humans, and the results may not be applicable if and when this is tested on humans (sign me up!). However, I choose to remain ignorant. I am reading this in one way, and one way only: champagne makes you a better person. 

YES! This justifies my indulgences, and now when my mom probes into my in-flight drinking, I can justly say that I’m simply and diligently taking my medicine.

And sometimes not in-flight, like these delightful royal mojitos (champagne instead of soda…yum!).



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