EXTENDED: Want to start your own travel blog? Do it today!

This sale is extended until today. The new promo code is MONDAY. This is a repost from yesterday, but with the updated promo code. Sale ends tonight.

It’s always great to have some competition! And the only great deal I found this weekend is with A Small Orange [this is an affiliate link], a web-hosting company. They’re my host for a number of other websites I run (I have quite a few, but those are secret 😉 ). Today is the final day for their Black Friday deal, which is 75% off their hosting. I don’t normally advertise products (I believe this is the first time I’ve done so on DCTA), but this really is an amazing deal.

For example, their basic “Small” shared hosting plan, which has 50G of bandwidth (more than enough for a travel blog!) normally runs, with an included domain, for $50. With this deal, using promo code “Friday” “Monday”, you get a domain and a full year of hosting for $12.50 USD. That’s an incredible deal! If you can commit to a longer period, up to three years, you can get that plan for a total of $37.50 USD.

On this deal, I opened up a couple VPS plans for personal and business use. They’re currently doubling your memory with this promo code for free, with a 75% discount. A 100GB VPS will run for $75 USD for the year, with cPanel. Considering that cPanel costs $14/month, I’m pretty certain they’re losing money on this promotion.

My experience with ASO has been pretty good. I’ve used all sorts of different hosts, like GoDaddy and HostGator, and I find ASO has the best service of them all. They have good support staff, although after-hours their 24/7 staff isn’t nearly as capable as their day staff. Up-time has been good, and they’re happy to deal with migration for you.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own travel blog, or any other website, today is an excellent day to do so, as you’re not going to get quality hosting for this price until next year!

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