Lufthansa First Class: Washington – Frankfurt & First Class Terminal

Getting a surprise upgrade to Lufthansa First Class was the focus of the last post, and now I will review the product itself.


I will forgo reviewing the positioning United flight from Ottawa-Washington, other than to note it felt like a much nicer domestic first service than experienced in the past and United may be making some real improvements. Readers may recall that I had my tongue firmly affixed to my cheek when I previously reviewed United Global First Class.

Similarly, I have previously reviewed the Senators Lounge in Washington, where we again encountered the humorously unnecessary ‘roped off First Class section’.

On to the good part!

The First Class was configured in single seating, and not my preferred seat-bed that is found on some Lufthansa 747 First Class products.

To begin the meal,  I went for the caviar with vodka. I don’t enjoy the Lufthansa version as much as Cathay, but this is what we call a “First World problem.”


For my main, I had a delicious Osso Buco with risotto and vegetables. It rivaled any I’ve had in Milan.


For dessert, I had an amazing cheesecake. It was at this stage that the service started warming up from being coldly polite and I was teased about ordering the heavy dishes. Good reminder to watch my weight 😉


After dinner I joined my travel companion to sample the extensive drink selection.

When it came to time to sleep, a mattress was added to the lie flat bed. It was quite comfortable, however, the cabin was kept too warm. I find this a problem with most carriers, but Lufthansa is particularly bad.

While in Frankfurt, I did a quick tour of the Christmas markets. They were kinda neat, but the rest of Frankfurt looked rather unappealing.

The lounge is large and very impressive. The made-to-order restaurant includes their famous veal schnitzel, which is by far the best I’ve ever had, and I’m a man who enjoys my schnitzel. Following that, I took advantage of the cigar lounge.


Our Lufthansa business flight to Nice was canceled due to mechanical issues. We instead routed to London that night for a connecting flight to Nice the next morning.

Overall, Lufthansa has a great product, though because of expensive fuel surcharges, Asian carriers often look more appealing for First Class. However, they certainly are the best option over the Atlantic.



  1. No UD seat-bed combo on LH B744s since last autumn. Still a nice product on the B748 etc. though and the food looks very nice – unlike some of the menus I’ve encountered with them.
    No duck???

  2. After the reconfiguration of their planes there is no seat-bed configuration anymore!
    Could you explain why you don’t like the Caviar service and what is better with Cathay? Otherwise this statement contains only little information.
    Did you visit the First Class Lounge or the First Class Terminal? The heading says one, the article the other.

  3. Ok good I thought it was just me. I’ve had 6 LH long haul sectors this week and all were like a sauna. What gives. I get serious anxiety when they are cooking me in that tin box!!!

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