Great deal: ~$55CAD discount on hotel, min spend ~$100, no night min

MakeMyTrip, a large Indian online travel agency, is currently offering, until February 25 (not sure what time zone they’re using), a discount of 2750 INR (~$55CAD) when using their app with the promotional code “APPFEST”. The minimum spend is 5000 INR (~$100CAD), but there is no minimum night requirement. Say you’re staying a week at a hotel, you can simply book 7 single-night stays, and have netted a ~$385CAD discount. After booking (and waiting a day to make sure the hotel receives the reservations), simply call the hotel to merge the reservations.

Note that these numbers are in EUR.
Note that these numbers are in EUR.

MakeMyTrip’s rates are more-or-less identical to Expedia (often accessing Expedia rates directly). They will email you a voucher which you have to present at the hotel. Note that, on the app’s confirmation page, the confirmed date seems to be a day prior to what you booked. The confirmation email and the voucher will have the correct date.

I’m hitting this deal hard (at ~15 nights booked now). MakeMyTrip had this deal a while back, which I used without any problems. If you’re looking at booking a paid hotel stay, this promotion is extremely lucrative.


  1. Based on your past experience, are you able to call the hotel and add your loyalty number to accrue points on this deal?

  2. Not able to replicate this πŸ™ Which URL did you use? What are the terms and conditions? Surely there’ll be a cap!

      1. I asked for the URL since the embedded screenshot doesn’t look like from their app but from the website.

        I checked their website. Pardon me for asking ! BTW no harm in linking to deal’sURL on their website.

    1. ignore the country code, can’t change it. just put in your full number with area code keeping the indian country code.

  3. Also stuck at the phone number screen, but will try again.

    I am also seeing that using a axis bank credit card is required. Is that true?

    Is there a latest day of stay restriction on this discount offer?

  4. Thanks for sharing this deal. Would you say all the horrible customer reviews found online on consumeraffairs.com be cause for concern? It seems almost too good to be true.

  5. Hi you should really call the hotel and insure they have you confirmed for reservation. I booked two nights, but when I called the hotel, they have no record of my confirmation. Also there are a lot of bad reviews online. I will not be using this site again.

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