Hiring Award Bookers

I am hiring award bookers for Awarding Canada. Currently, I operate as a sole-proprietor, and am exceedingly busy. I am looking for one to two qualified consultants to use as award bookers. Applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

(1) Be a Canadian resident (proof will be requested);

(2) If approved, provide a cleared criminal background check;

(3) Have an “approved shredder”. If you do not have an approved shredder, determined by Awarding Canada, you will be reimbursed for the cost of one after 5 qualifying transactions;

(4) Sign a consultant contract and a non-disclosure agreement;

(5) Have extensive experience booking Aeroplan awards;

(6) Have a perfect command of the English language, and;

(7) Have “instant access” to Aeroplan phone agents. This access is given to Air Canada elites, dDiamond Distinction members, and holders of the AMEX Aeroplan Reserve credit card.

Award booking consultants will be paid 50% of all income for successful sales (not for the $25 initial deposit, but if the request sells, then the booker is due 50% of the total sale, including the deposit.) The award booker will also be paid 75% of any “rush” fee paid, so long as the rush period is met.

To apply, please send an email to contact@awarding.ca with the subject line “BOOKER APPLICATION”. In it, please provide your full name, your telephone number, and a paragraph about why you believe you should be an award booker. Finally, below you will find a challenge. Please research the challenge and come up with an itinerary. Explain how you came up with it (what tools you used).


John wants to take his family of 2 (3 passengers total) leaving from YYZ going to PER. He has 300,000 Aeroplan miles, and wishes to travel in Economy. John wants to leave YYZ on December 16, but can leave 3 days prior or 2 days after. John also wants to spend 6-7 days in Bangkok on the return. John is OK leaving from Perth to Bangkok, or catching his own flight and leaving out of Sydney. John wants to leave Bangkok on January 8, but can leave 2 days prior or 3 days later. Include estimated cost per person (tax/fees, phone booking fee if any, and points).


GOOD LUCK! Only successful applicants will be contacted. 


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