AMAZING sign-up bonus! HURRY!

The American Express Platinum (Canada) has just increased the sign-up bonus to 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 in the first three months of ownership. This is an amazing deal! We have never seen such a high sign-up offer on any card in Canada, ever.

The 75,000 Membership Rewards points can be converted 1:1 into Aeroplan and BA Avios (often with a 25% bonus to Avios).


Now, this card has a hefty annual fee of $699, however, in your first year, you will get two $200 travel credits (once per calendar year). This makes the effective first year fee $299. You also get complimentary lounge access, PLUS A GUEST, in any Premium Plaza lounge or Centurion lounge. Further, you get a complimentary Priority Pass, which lets you use hundreds of lounge around the world for free (will actually be using it to get into the lounge in Ponta Delgada this weekend). You also get SPG Gold status, and a number of other benefits. Finally, you get the best travel insurance offered on any card in Canada.

Considering this is such an amazing deal, I would get on it right now. You never know when the deal will be pulled (indeed, American Express has been devaluing a lot lately).

You can only get this deal if you use a referral, and I always appreciate the support of readers when they use my referral link.


  1. $700 fee???? How is this an amazing sign up bonus?? BoardingArea has gone downhill fast. It a waste of time to read these blogs.

  2. Would you say it’s worth it to get the Business Plat at the same time? The downside is that a lot of the benefits are redundant.

    1. Honestly, Id wait after having gotten the normal plat and cancelled. Youre still paying monye for the benefits in the end.

  3. About three years ago I had an American Express Platinum card, but gave it up as they wanted to charge $699, and the only benefit I saw over other low or no fee cards was the lounge benefit but to me $700 for a lounge pass was not worth it.

    Now with a 75,000 bonus points I would consider it, but it says in the fine print that former Platinum customers are not eligible. So not sure I would risk it? Any chance I would get the 75,000 bonus points?

    1. I dont think that rule has been enforced yet. However, YMMV. Amex is good about refunding your AF if you cancel early though.

  4. How does spending the travel credit work?
    Do we have to use it with Platinum Travel Services?

    Are their prices competitive with the rest of OTAs?


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