AMAZING DEAL! Rogers GB Internet + Digital VIP TV, $99/mo 2YR Contract

According to RedFlagDeals, there’s currently an amazing deal for internet and TV: for $99/month on a two year contract, you can get Gigabyte Internet and Digital VIP TV from Rogers (both of their top end services)… these normally go for $240+/month. Here’s a complete description of what you get:

Rogers Ignite GIGABIT (1gbps down, 50mbps up)
Rogers Digital VIP (365+ channels)
Unlimited Usage
Modem Included
HDPVR Included
Shomi Subscription (2yrs)
NHL GCL Subscription (1yr)
$99/mo for 2 years

It looks like a very YMMV situation, but I was able to get this offer in Ottawa, and there are a number of successful reports coming out of Toronto.

In order to get this deal, you have to speak with someone at Roger’s retention department. To get in contact with them, dial 1.888.ROGERS.1 >> Option 4 >> Option 5 >> Internet. Explain the deal to the agent, and hope you can get it. Some people are having to call a number of times to find a competent agent.

This is the best deal of this sort I have ever seen. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, a short term or long term promotion, etc. Whatever it is, GO GO GO!!!


  1. Got it in Ottawa on the second agent – but gigabit service is not yet physically available in Ottawa, so only got 500 MBps until gigabit is available. First agent just said it could not be done as gigabit service is only available in parts of the GTA; second agent – Melanie – was much more helpful.

  2. I am a competent agent! … I am an account manager I will get it done for you or the next best thing, if your area is not eligible. Arthur (647) 705-1047

  3. Just spoke to Feizel at Rogers and he was able to get me this deal. Give him a call if you want it: 647-274-7594. He offered some additional perks as well.

  4. I’m not able to get his deal as Rogers claims Digital VIP is “no longer avaialbe”. They are offering their equivalent which is less channels than VIP, and is $134.99/month.

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