a room with a large window

Air Canada Signature Suite: World-Class Lounge in Toronto

I was invited to preview the Signature Suite, Air Canada’s new lounge in Toronto’s Terminal 1 international departures area.  This is a world-class facility, and is certainly the best Business Class lounge I’ve seen.  The Signature Suite opens December 1, and is open daily from 7:00 – 23:30.

a room with a large window

Access Rules

Access to the Signature Suite is highly restricted.  For now, access will only be granted to international revenue Business Class passengers on Air Canada metal.  Award passengers will not have access, nor will Star Gold or even Air Canada Super Elite members.  Access rules may change in the future, but for now, you’ll only get access as a confirmed revenue Business Class passenger, which excludes award and upgraded tickets, and elite members of all tiers.

The Lounge

The Signature Suite is located in Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson airport, near gate E77, adjacent to the Plaza Premium lounge.  The lounge is designed like a high-end restaurant, with an à la carte dining room, bar, buffet, and lounge areas, featuring Canadian products.

a reception area with a red logo on the wall
Signature Suit Entrance

a room with tables and chairs and a large screen

Furniture feels high-end, and there’s plenty of space for eating, drinking, or relaxing.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

a round table and chairs in a room

a long room with tables and chairs

a room with tables and chairs

a table with wine glasses and candles in front of a window

There are no shower facilities in the lounge, but customers wanting a shower will be escorted to the Maple Leaf Lounge in the same terminal, where they will receive priority access to that lounge’s shower facilities.  Although it may seem like a “miss” to not have showers, apparently shower rooms take up an immense amount of real-estate, and Air Canada wanted the Signature Suite to have plenty of available seating so it never feels too crowded (a serious issue with United’s Polaris lounge in Chicago).  Since the Maple Leaf Lounge is only two minutes away, it’s a reasonable compromise.

All-in-all, the lounge is beautifully designed, highlighting Canada with a relaxed atmosphere.  It’s comparable to a lobby of an Andaz, with modern, local, and cozy touches throughout.


The lounge serves two types of champagne – Moët & Chandon Impérial and Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial, both very safe and delicious choices.  I especially like the choice of rosé, since that’s rarer and more expensive.

bottles of champagne in a metal tray with ice

There’s an extensive beverage menu, with absolutely delicious cocktails and wine choices.  For wine, they offer:

White Wine

Red Wine


Obviously they haven’t cheaped out on the wine.  There’s a mix of mid-priced and higher-end bottles, most of which are from Niagara.  I’m not usually a fan of Niagara wines, and would love to see bottles from Prince Edward County in the future, but nonetheless, there’s a fantastic selection showcasing Canadian talent.

They also offer:

  • Beer (Molson, Coors, Belgian Moon, Creemore, Heineken, Moretti, Hop House 13, Guinness)
  • Evian and Perrier
  • Coca Cola pop products
  • Both automated and barista-made coffees
  • Eight different teas
  • Full bar with top-tier liquors

a woman standing behind a bar with bottles of alcohol

The drink selection beats any Business Class lounge, and actually approaches the quality of several First Class lounges, including the Lufthansa First Class lounge in Munich (which I think is very similar in quality to the Signature Suite).


The menu is designed by celebrity chef David Hawksworth, who was in attendance during my visit to explain the menu.  I’ve never had better food in a lounge before.  The quality tops the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, the Polaris Lounge in Chicago, the Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai, the Thai First Class lounge in Bangkok, etc.  It’s amazing, top-tier restaurant quality.

There are three menus: the buffet, the bar menu, and à la carte dining.  Here’s the buffet:

a table with plates of food and utensils

a group of plates of food on a counter

food on plates on a counter

a table with food on it

I didn’t eat from the buffet, going for à la carte instead.  Here’s the menu:

a hand holding a menu

I ordered the Tuna Tataki as an appetizer, and Sablefish as my main.  Both dishes were absolutely fantastic.  They were artfully plated and cooked to perfection.

a plate of food on a table
Tuna Tataki
a plate of food with flowers

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time (or appetite) to sample more dishes, but the Signature Suite offers dining comparable to a high-end downtown restaurant in any major city (think London, Toronto, Paris, etc).  Air Canada has invested significantly into this lounge’s food program, and it shows!


Personally, I rarely fly Air Canada.  That’s going to change.  The space is beautiful, the drinks and food are top-tier, and it’s a beautiful representation of Canada.  I hope that access rules will be relaxed to include award travel on Air Canada, but that’s a minor quibble.

Good work Air Canada, good work indeed.


  1. Looks beautiful but kinda disappointed on the rules. As a Super Elite it would be nice to have access to this lounge. Unfortunately I don’t fly paid business that often so I won’t get to see much of this lounge.

    1. I agree with that. I am Super Elite as well and am surprised and disappointed they don’t offer their top services to their top level clients.

    2. i don’t think being super elite should give you access here. you can be super elite by buying the cheapest tickets but travel often. this lounge is for those who dished out a lot of money for the ticket and helped the profit margins of the airline. if super elite is allowed in, you will never find a seat at the dining tables.

  2. “Award passengers will not have access”… very nice for those who actually earned thousands of miles “organically” and are freaking frequent flyers… ridiculous.

    1. I have the same feeling, that’s really bad .. don’t have this with other airlines… hope air Canada is willing to change this rules.

  3. smh! How come me as SE (for the past many years) and spending app. $35K a year with AC will not be given access to this lounge, but probably a one time business class ticket buyer (as low as $3.5K at times) will have access!!! imo, not allowing SE members in is a huge disappointment and reflection of the value AC gives to these most loyal members. Way to go AC.

  4. I wonder how the food quality will be on a regular day, when the lounge is crowded and the celebrity chef is not there to meet the press. We’ll see – but certainly a step up from the MLL.

  5. “Personally, I rarely fly Air Canada. That’s going to change.”
    Does that mean you will pay for Air Canada business class tickets instead of redeeming miles just to get into the signature lounge ?

  6. Flying a full Biz class to Mexico City, as SE and +2million miler with AC, I was turned back after the SE check encouraged me to use the new AC Suite Lounge.
    Apparently the lounge is only for the full flay bed biz services.
    Embarrassing for the check in staff and disappointing for a long time loyal passenger.

  7. This is a nice perk for those of us who pay for our premium tickets.

    And to correct the person who said AA’s FL has the same policy: It doesn’t. You can be even a mid-level elite and get access their their FL, which is why it’s always a zoo.

  8. So, when I book my holidays in with AC Vacations and select the “Biz” option with full payment for it, do I get access to this oasis?
    Or does it a become a case of “no lounge soup for you!” because of the Rouge factor?

  9. Sitting here with a “J” class ticket with Lounge access but the Saturday hours(6:30am) prohibits using the Lounge as our Flight leaves at 6:15am

  10. HORRIBLE facility, not worth the overpriced J-class ticket. Its too small, noisy, poorly ventilated and very crowded. Better to go to the maple leaf lounge.

  11. Agree that the access should be expanded. Loyal SE flyer, often enjoy the lounge on work trips on full fare tickets but when flying full business on an e-upgrade (earned as I fly a lot on AC, but could actually choose other airlines!) ticket and turned away.

    Poor decision at AC management.

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