AMEX Canada Pisses Me Off

Like any good reader would know, when you get the American Express Platinum card, while paying a $699 annual fee, you get a $200 travel credit per calendar year. That means if you get the card a couple weeks before January 1, you will get two $200 credits for your first annual fee. Further, if you cancel your card within a month of the next annual fee posting, it is Amex’s longstanding policy to give you a full refund.

In my first year fee, I used both travel credits. Within a couple days of my year two annual fee posting, I contacted Amex to cancel the card and refund the fee.

Eventually, I only got a refund of $499, not the full $699 I’m due. So I called Amex. First agent said that Amex is holding the $200 fee because I used two annual travel credits. Well yeah, I have, as a contractual right, the ability to use both annual (CALENDER) credits in year one, without affecting anything in year two. No dice. So I spoke with a supervisor. He, very rudely, stated that it’s Amex’s policy. Again, I explained to him that me taking advantage of my benefits for the year one annual fee cannot affect my right to a refund (both stated in policy and arguably in law). His response? “Well sue us”. What. The. Hell. Not only was his decision against common sense and contractual obligations, but it was beyond one of the rudest customer service interactions I’ve ever had.

I’m really disappointed. I’ve always talked about how awesome Amex is. Unfortunately, here, they’ve failed miserably. 

I’m starting the formal dispute resolution process now, and if I don’t get a positive outcome soon, I will proceed to arbitration (which, by the way, is your right to engage regardless as to whether you follow the formal dispute process… Oh, and Amex has to pay for it, even if you lose). 

Hey, Amex, get your frickin’ act together. You know what you did was wrong, your customer service was atrocious, and now it’s gonna just drag out through a long and expensive process. Any Amex reps reading this? If you want to make it right, feel free to send me an email ( 


  1. My wife got both the bus and personal plat – we charged a bunch of items on them – under $10k – as we were covering a big family trip – they called – and then proceeded to suspend both her accounts – for no reason

    We tried calling back and couldn’t get through to anyone

    We paid back the whole thing – transferred all the points out – and they still haven’t lifted the suspension – no letter, nothing

    I am waiting a few months and then will cancel both cards

    Their service is terrible!

  2. Happened to me an year or so ago. I just huca a few days later and got another agent to refund the extra $200

  3. If you ruin it for everybody else by dragging it out, there would be a lot more angry people than just you.

    This isn’t the first time it’s been reported, and has always been ymmv after your second year annual fee posts.

    Sure you might come out ahead by 200, at the potential cost of getting the program to align with the Aeroplan reserve card (travel credit based on membership year).

    Dctcc, dcta

  4. Out of curiosity, where does it state its their policy to refund annual fee if one cancels before the next annual fee posting? thanks

    1. Might it be in the cardmember agreement? Unfortunately, I can’t find a PDF of the agreement online…

  5. I guess one takeaway lesson would be to cancel the card a few days before it renews, rather than waiting for the renewal and automatic charge.

  6. What part of don’t call the credit card companies don’t you understand?

    You don’t deserve anything and it’s pretty well documented that you should cancel before your af posts or they will claw back the $200.

    Don’t ruin it for the rest of us because you couldnt put it in your calendar to cancel before the AF posts.

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