Air China Bookable With Aeroplan!

Air China releases an immense number of award seats, including First Class in abundance. While every Star Alliance frequent flyer program, including Aeroplan, should be able to book those Air China award seats, Aeroplan has purposefully blocked all Air China seats for quite a while. As of today, it looks like Aeroplan can now book Air China awards (again)! This is great, especially considering Air China flies to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and there are no fuel surcharges when using Aeroplan. Note that the flight between Montreal and Havana cannot be booked.

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  1. I wonder why anyone would fly Air China to support the communist dictators while there are so many better choices. I, for one, would never trust my personal info to Air China.

    1. Such an idiot comment… So you are comfortable with all the U.S. companies having your personal information? Who cares about you! Plus, CA has nothing to do with dictatorship. Heck, China is not even a dictator country at all. Yes, it’s ruled by the communist party, but that’s it…

  2. I booked Air China first once from PEK – YVR to avoid fuel surcharges on NH, but I must say I was sorely disappointed. The food was practically inedible, the cabin warm, and the entertainment options terrible. In their defense, the bed/bedding was good and I slept most of the flight, but if I just want to sleep I think redeeming for business is the better option. Still, always good to have more options to book. Hope AE brings it back again soon.

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