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AirBnB Increased Referral ($47)!

AirBnB is one of my favourite travel sites. I’ve been able to fit my entire family in beautiful apartments, or stayed at some rather unique properties. In Tokyo, I almost exclusively stay at AirBnBs, simply because you’re getting 1/3 of the cost of a hotel, plus amenities like laundry machines.

AirBnB has a referral program, whereby someone who clicks on a referral link gets a coupon for their first stay. Right now, AirBnB Switzerland is offering 35 CHF as a referral bonus. This translates to $CAD 47 off your first booking. The booking must be worth more than $100.


In order to take advantage of this offer, sign-up for AirBnB using a Swiss referral.  The link is in German, but the sign-up system is pretty self-evident. You can always use Chrome’s translation feature. Don’t switch out of the Swiss website, or you won’t get the upgraded referral bonus. Make sure your currency is set to CHF. You may want to open the window in Incognito Mode, otherwise it may only show 30CHF.

Once you’ve made an account, you can switch the currency to CAD. When you make a booking over $100, you’ll receive a discount of $47 – not bad!


Feel free to post your own AirBnB Swiss referral link in the comments. Did you take advantage of this offer?

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