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This Chrome App Saves You $100s

Any good shopper knows to check for coupon codes before buying anything online. I’ve discovered a handy new app: Honey. It’s a free Chrome app that when buying something online, quickly and automatically searches the internet for coupon codes, applies them, and discovers which code gives you the best discount.

In Practice

Once you download the Honey Chrome app, you have to make an account, then go through their 2-minute demonstration. Once complete, whenever you visit a website to buy something, the app will automatically search for and apply the best available coupon.

For example, if I visit Orbitz to search for a hotel in Toronto, once I go to the payment screen, Honey will popup saying they have promo codes for this site.


Once I click the ‘Apply Coupon’ link, the system will automatically try every available coupon and see which one gives me the best discount.


About 10 seconds later, Honey applied the best coupon it could find.


I highly recommend this free app. It’s clutter-free, commands little of your computer resources, and enables immense savings for every online purchase.

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  1. Seconding this. The web extension tried to automatically figure out when you’re on a shopping cart checkout webpage. It’s free, easy to use, and the cloud integration allows this to be backed by all users as a community. It’s easy to submit new deals and also to denote when a coupon has expired. There’s no requirement to contribute, but the community benefits from individual contributions after admin approval.

    This review is correct. Having had this installed for about a year, I’ve saved more than hundred dollars across different purchases with little effort. It’s nice that this App reminds you at the right time since these types of things are difficult to remember manually.

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