What do you want?

I’m going to be a “Featured Blogger” from December 12 – December 25, which means my posts will have greater visibility on the Boarding Area home page. My goal for this period is to post at least once a day.

I want to know – what do you want? Are there any specific topics you’d like for me to review? Credit cards? Fuel dumping? The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything? Leave your comments below, and I’ll work to write blog posts during my featured period that specifically covers reader-requested topics. 


  1. It’s good to see you post more frequently. As a result, I try to hit your page at least once a day knowing that you will have something new to say.

    I also think that, amongst the Canadian blogs out there, yours is the most succinct and has the the good tips and tricks.

    Would love to see some MS stuff (especially with money orders and things like that in Canada) as well as any fuel dumping tricks.

    Thanks again and looking forward to more posts.

    1. Ok great! I could do a post reviewing Canadian MS opportunities. As for fuel dumping, I can’t go too in depth, but I can do a good explanation post

    2. In terms of MS, maybe a quick something on the CIBC Smart™ Prepaid Visa* Card? I’ve been trying to find if loading it a YYZ counts as a cash advance or not?

  2. Just thought of this one, and you may have already covered this one – but best “bang for your buck” award redemption opportunities. I’m thinking of a Korean Airlines Skypass miles to Hawaii from NA.

  3. nth-ing the MS, US credit cards. I also found myself wondering about great premium flight redemptions from YYZ (and YVR, YUL, etc. if you like), whether for Aeroplan, Avios or Amex MR partners. Are there any excellent first class options for instance?

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