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My Favourite App for Canadians! (Akira Review)

Travel medicine can get extremely expensive, with physicians often charging over a hundred dollars for a consult. Going to a walk-in clinic for basic medical needs, including getting a sick note, is a substantial waste of time. Akira, a Toronto-based app, has changed how I manage my healthcare and has saved me dozens of hours of time.

Source: Akira Medical Ltd.,
Source: Akira Medical Ltd.,

Akira is an Android or iOS app that connects you with certified physicians and NPs. These physicians are top-tier, including graduates of McMaster, McGill, Northwestern, and the University of Toronto. This app is only for Canadians. Currently, only residents of Ontario are eligible, but Akira plans to expand across Canada soon. Essentially, once you’ve subscribed to the app, you can contact a physician or NP (physicians tend to work during the day, and NPs at night) by chat and videoconference. You can contact them as many times as you wish. This is private medicine, and works outside provincial insurance programs. The clinicians on Akira have significant leeway in the delivery of healthcare:

  • They can write new non-narcotic prescriptions. I use this service almost exclusively to renew my common medicines. Prescriptions are faxed directly to your desired pharmacy;
  • They can provide diagnostic services for most basic ailments;
  • They can provide travel medical services, including the writing of prescriptions for antimalarials, vaccines, etc;
  • They can order lab testing (faxed to your lab), including for STI testing;
  • They can write sick notes;
  • They can refer you to specialists;
  • They now have mental health and social workers for an extra fee.

You can even use Akira while abroad – while they wouldn’t be able to write you a prescription, they can provide diagnostic services and advice, which as any traveller knows, can be extremely helpful. And unlike many other telemedical services, Akira physicians don’t often say “go into a clinic” – when they can help without requiring a physical examination, they are empowered to do so.

I’ve used the app a number of times, and when you purchase a plan, you literally can use it as many times as you wish without any additional fees. If you use my referral, you’ll be paying $50 for 6 months of membership. Children can be added to your account for free if you are on a family plan.

I honestly believe that Akira, telemedicine where the workers are empowered, is the future of medicine.

I receive a $25 discount when you use my referral code. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. To my knowledge, there is no better deal right now for Akira other than using a referral code.


  1. This sounds interesting however you forgot to mention one important limitation (copied straight from their website):

    Akira is currently only available to residents of Ontario, Canada.

    So it’s not even for all Canadians… yet. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Hey folks! CEO of Akira here.

    Thanks for the writeup ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your experience with Akira enough to write about it!

    re: Ontario, this has to do with doctor licensing (it’s provincial, and each province has its own College of Physicians – the system was not originally devised with telemedicine in mind!), and in fact we’re working hard to expand Akira across Canada within the next couple of months. If you’re currently a resident of Ontario, however, you can use Akira anywhere across Canada and the world.

    One small correction: children can be added to your account, but it requires an upgrade to a Family Plan.

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