Hiring Aeroplan Award Booker

Awarding Canada Inc. is an Ottawa-based corporation that offers award booking services. We are currently looking for TWO part-time award bookers to hire on a renewable one-year contract. Award bookers are hired as consultants.

Role and Responsibilities

The award booker will be in constant communication with clients via email and telephone. This includes:

  • Researching award travel
  • Booking award travel
  • Strictly complying with Ontario and other applicable laws
  • Strictly complying with privacy rules
  • Responding to customer inquiries by email and telephone
  • Ensuring internal paperwork is properly completed and forwarded to the corporation


The successful candidate will possess all of the following requirements:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, or authorized to work in Canada
  • Resides in Canada
  • Can present a clear police records check at the candidate’s own expense
  • Must own a paper shredder, or be willing to purchase one at the candidate’s own expense
  • Is an expert at using Aeroplan miles – we are not seeking an individual who requires training in this regard
  • Is available for at least 15 hours a week
  • Is highly proficient in English
  • Has access to the Aeroplan priority call centre (Distinction Diamond, Air Canada elite status)


The successful candidate will be paid on a commission basis at 50% of all revenue generated, including any non-refundable deposit paid by a client when submitting an award request. However, the candidate would not collect any portion of any HST paid, which is entirely forwarded to the CRA. Award bookers will be paid monthly.


To apply, please send an email to contact@awarding.ca with the following information:

  • Subject “Award Booker Application” – any emails that deviate from this subject line will not be considered for this position
  • In under 300 words, please describe your experience in dealing with Aeroplan, and please explain three “tricks” that you know of to help research and/or book award travel using Aeroplan
  • Include a copy of your CV in PDF format – any application that does not meet this requirement will not be considered
  • A brief statement regarding your qualification regarding the eligibility requirements stated above, and where the candidate does not meet one of these requirements, a brief explanation as to how the candidate intends to remedy the failure to meet a requirement.

This posting will be available until February 28, 2017. We thank all candidates, but only successful candidates will be contacted. We expect to contact successful candidates by the end of March, 2017.


  1. You’re asking for three “tricks” that the applicants know of to help research and book award travel: hmmm….that is a very effective and free way of advancing your business tremendously by getting all that useful information, without giving back anything in return to all of us who get rejected.


    1. I’m sorry you think that. The purpose of that question is to ensure the candidate can bring something to the table, and to evaluate whether they’re actually an expert. I’d like to think I know pretty much everything out there regarding Aeroplan, and am certainly not asking this to fish for information. It seems like a more valuable assessment mechanism than asking someone to do a mock request, which the “answer” can change from the time of submission to the time of evaluation.

  2. Happy to know your business is growing and the offer definitely seems tempting. I wish I could commit to be available on call for up to 15 hr/week considering a 45-50 hr work week.
    Good luck for finding the right person!

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