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Great deal: $40USD off minimum $80USD hotel!

Per The Deal Mommy, Booking.com is offering a fantastic deal through American Airlines: $40USD (~ $54CAD) off a hotel stay that costs $80USD ( ~ $108CAD) including taxes and fees. There is no minimum night stay requirement. Further, there are no hotel restrictions. This deal is seemingly available for any hotel, including brand-name hotels, on a one-night stay. Note that the discount is not applied during the purchase – it appears that $40USD will be refunded to your credit card after the stay.

You can access this deal in two ways: first, you can click this link; second, you can visit aa.com, scroll to the bottom, and under ‘News and Offers’, there will be a link: ‘$40 back on your stay with Booking.com’. Booking.com is a large OTA, and often displays the ‘best available’ price for any hotel.

The Terms and Conditions for the promotion state that you can only use this promotion once per person. How they enforce this provision, I don’t know. If you’re going to make multiple reservations, it would seem wise to do so using different credit cards, accounts, names, phone numbers, etc.

Once you’ve clicked on the promo link, you’ll be directed to the Booking.com website. If the link worked, you’ll see the following popup:

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Make sure you do not deviate from this page – doing so may invalidate the promotion. Next, search for your selected hotel. I find it easiest to change the currency to USD. That way, you can more easily assess whether you’re selecting a hotel that costs at least $80USD including tax. Once you’ve selected your hotel, choose the room you want and go to the payment page. From there, if the hotel is eligible, you’ll see on the right-hand side bar the following message:

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If your booking is not eligible, you’ll get this message:

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Once booked, you’ll receive both the confirmation email, and a second email confirming the promotion:

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This is a phenomenal deal, and can easily be gamed if you’re creative enough. Are you going to be taking advantage of this deal?


  1. You can stack this and get an additional $25 off your booking through a referral signup. Please see here https://www.booking.com/s/ebaa3a01

    Note: you must check the box ‘eligible for rewards’ when you add a credit card and then it will be automatically refunded to that card post-stay.

  2. Thanks for the blog. Just booked a stay at the Hilton Irvine/Orange County. Got the confirmation email that $40 will be credited.

  3. I got every screen as described and was asked to select a card to have the 40 dollars credited to when checking out. I received a booking confirmation, but no second email about receiving my reward. Does this come after I pay when I checkout?

  4. It says on the Deal Mommy website in the comments that the rebate is a credit to use on Booking.com within a year. Can anybody confirm if it’s actually a credit card rebate like DCTA says?

  5. Only one night per person allowed?

    This is mentioned in the terms and conditions.

    “Booking.com will only recognize one Eligible Reservation per Participant per campaign to count for an Incentive Bonus. Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns. “

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