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Sunday Reader Question: Should I convert my Aeroplan points to USDM/AA?

As I’ve posted before, you can convert your Aeroplan points into US Airways points at a 1:0.84 ratio through When converting points, you’re allowed to transfer a maximum of 100,000 points in a year. Today’s Sunday Reader Question (asked by a reader who recognized me on a flight!) is: Should I convert my Aeroplan points to USDM/AA?

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Sunday Reader Questions: Your biggest travel mistake?


When you travel a lot, you’re bound to make some mistakes. A curious reader asked me what was your biggest travel mistake?

I’m pretty meticulous when I travel. I make detailed (though convoluted) travel itineraries, triple-check the information, and get a third party to read through it to make sure I’m not missing something. Unfortunately, on a trip to New Zealand, a glaring mistake was made.

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