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How to Turn Your AMEX Platinum $200 Voucher Into Cash

How to turn your AMEX Platinum $200 Voucher into Cash

Every calendar year, your Canadian AMEX Platinum card [this is a referral] is issued with a $200 travel voucher. To use this voucher, you must book travel with AMEX Travel Services. Personally, I find AMEX Travel Services to be way overpriced, especially for hotels. With this trick, you can convert your $200 travel voucher into a straight-up statement credit, without the need to use it for AMEX’s overpriced travel services.

My AMEX Global Transfer Experience (CAN -> US)
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My AMEX Global Transfer Experience (CAN -> US)

The American Express Global Transfer program allows you to use the relationship history that you've built with AMEX in a foreign country as a basis to apply for a card in a new country, where you presumably have little to no prior credit history. I recently went through this process, applying for an AMEX card in the United States using my Canadian AMEX history as a basis for the application.

Sunday Reader Question: How many AMEX cards can I apply for in one day?

American Express offers some excellent churning cards, such as the 25,000 no-fee AMEX Gold Card [this is a referral], and the 60,000 AMEX Platinum card [this is a referral]. Many people will go on an “app-orama,” applying for a bunch of cards, including numerous AMEX cards, in a single day. There’s nothing wrong with this. Indeed, you can apply for as many AMEX cards you want in a single day, however, you won’t be instantly approved for all of them.


beVancouver – Up to $125 off a hotel night

beVancouver, a company of the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association, offers a popular promotion annually for a $50, $75, $100, or $125 AMEX Gift Card (which can actually be used to pay for the stay) on a hotel night at one of thirty-six downtown Vancouver hotels. This year, they’re also giving you a $50 AMEX Gift Card for each additional night on the same reservation. They enforce a three reservations maximum, that is, you can have as many nights as you wish, but you can’t have more than three bookings. The stay must occur by April 30, 2015.