Awarding Canada

When Aeroplan is Incredibly Stupid

With my award booking service, I get to deal with Aeroplan a lot. And when I mean a lot, I mean, I make hundreds of calls a month to Aeroplan. Most of their agents are competent (their supervisors, surprisingly, less so). However, sometimes you get an absolute delight, who is wildly special. I mean absolutely, terrifyingly, wildly, special. For this story, let’s call her Olga (a pseudonym).

I’m Looking for Award Bookers – Apply Within!

UPDATE: THANK YOU! I have received many applications, and I am currently working through them. I am not accepting any more applications at this time.

I currently run an award booking service, Awarding Canada. I will be needing some help over the summer doing award bookings. I am looking for several independent contractors to provide award booking services to Awarding Canada. You will be given a 50% commission for all sales.