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Is EVA next on Aeroplan’s chopping block? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I emailed my Aeroplan contact for comment. This is what I received:

I checked with our team and we’ve only had a small number (three) who have reported technical glitches.  We will continue to monitor and work closely with our partner airlines.

While it appears Aeroplan is monitoring the situation, which is great, I have a feeling that the situation is worse than Aeroplan believes. If my client and two people I casually speak with have experienced similar issues, of Aeroplan’s 5 million + members, I doubt we’re a majority sample of this issue. I guess only time will tell.

As I’ve heavily reported, Aeroplan has had a problem with blocking a number of carriers for award redemption on the basis of technical issues. These carriers have included COPA, Air China, Swiss, and Avianca. Fortunately, the problems with COPA and Swiss have been fixed, and while Air China was fixed, according to an Aeroplan agent, it was again blocked this past Friday. I’m now thinking that EVA will soon be on the block list for Aeroplan. 

Here’s the situation: last night, I made an award booking for a client with Awarding Canada using Aeroplan flying on EVA business class. The booking was made online. The booking ticketed as normal, and if I checked the ticket coupon status on Saudia’s e-ticket retrieval system, all coupons showed as open and appeared as normal. However, unusually, I could not retrieve the EVA record locator from Aeroplan, Air Canada, or even after calling EVA, who could not find a record of the client’s reservation – something was wrong.

I called Aeroplan. Apparently, even though an e-ticket was issued, the second flight on the client’s itinerary came back as unconfirmed in ‘I’ inventory (Star Alliance business class award inventory) – Aeroplan was showing phantom availability on EVA and somehow ticketed it.

a white and green airplane flying over a valley
EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER photographed on October 31, 2015 from Clay Lacy Astrovision Learjet. (Source: http://www.staralliance.com/en/member-airline-details?airlineCode=BR)

The agent first insisted that the client’s only remedy was a refund, which is ridiculous since an e-ticket was issued. But for my vigilance, the client would have likely showed up for her flight and would be refused boarding without an active reservation on the flight. I asked to speak with a supervisor. After a long hold, the agent came back to me and said the supervisor would fix it. Great! Within 20 minutes, I received an email which showed a confirmed ‘J’ ticket on the problematic flight, meaning that Aeroplan purchased a seat for the client. The client will actually earn miles on the ticket, but that must have been an expensive error for Aeroplan to fix.

I put this situation to a couple of other frequent travellers. I had two other reports from this small group of similar problems happening with Aeroplan and EVA. Fortunately, for those two cases, the unconfirmed segments were on short-haul flights with EVA, and when they appeared at the airport without a reservation, EVA was able to put them on the flight as a courtesy. Had these flights been long-haul, such as the flight for my client, I highly doubt EVA would risk offering that kind of courtesy.

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While I am not certain, this seems to be similar to the technical difficulties with the other previously blocked carriers – Aeroplan passengers were showing up for their Air China/Copa/Swiss etc. flights and being turned away for not having a properly made reservation. If my assessment is correct, and EVA is following the same pattern, I suspect Aeroplan will start blocking EVA award availability – having to buy full-fare tickets to fix these mistakes must be rather costly.


  1. I had a (similar?) experience about 5 weeks ago. Booked SIN-TPE-YYZ Business Class on EVA, on aeroplan.com. Only SIN-TPE appeared on EVA at first. I took no action and after two days, the longhaul flight appeared as normal. Since all now looked normal, I didn’t give it another thought. I wonder if EVA has extra scrutiny for longhaul seats booked in “I” and naturally Aeroplan agents don’t know anything about it. Avery, have you seen the problem in bookings which were made, then ignored for a few days, then checked?

    1. Don’t have any experience yet with checking at a later date… my award booking procedure generally validates bookings same day.

  2. I’ve booked BKK – SGN – TPE- YYZ all I class about a month ago through Aeroplan.
    Was able to log into EVA and select seats soon after with the record locator from Aeroplan.com

  3. This is nothing new!!

    Air Canada’s c**ppy reservations system (which Aeroplan also uses) has all sort of communication issues with the reservations systems used by other carriers. Note: EVA (BR) uses Amadeus, so does Lufthansa (LH), SWISS (LX) and a bunch of other carriers.

    I had a similar experience back in 2012.

    I was originally booked on LH flights flying FRA-MUC-IAD using Aeroplan miles and called it to change it to FRA-IAD when availability opened up. The agent made the change and the Aeroplan booking (as shown in AC’s system showed just the new FRA-IAD flight). However, when I logged into LH’s website to retrieve my booking, my old FRA-MUC-IAD flights still showed!

    I called Aeroplan back and was told that everything was good (not true!). However, I insisted that in LH’s system, my flights were not showing as changed. The agent couldn’t help and hung up. About 30 minutes later, I checked LH’s website again and the new FRA-IAD flight is now showing.

    So it took 30 minutes for a change made in AC’s system to be reflected in LH’s system? How pathetic.

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