Top Three Tips for Points and Miles

Top Three Tips for Points and Miles

Everyone must start somewhere. The points and miles game is learned, not something innately understood. Yes, some people are wired in a way that helps them navigate the complexities of ‘where to credit’ and ‘this can be tricked’, but even they need to learn the basics. The following three tips, while lengthy, provide some important insight beyond “the deals” and are helpful to understand what you’re getting yourself into when entering this hobby.

What is the value of an Aeroplan point?

Aeroplan points are a pseudo-currency, and can be converted into something tangible. When making “purchasing” decisions, it’s a good idea to know what the value of your currency is. That is, is an Aeroplan point worth 1 cent, 1.8 cents, etc. Of course, the value of a point will be different for every person: if your goal with Aeroplan points is to redeem for hotels or a toaster, the value of a point will be much lower than if you redeem for First Class international travel.